13 Amazing Nail Design Ideas for Girls 2014

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I believe no girls could resist the beautiful nail designs for your trendy look. But as the fashion is always changing so fast, so we need to be informed with the latest nail trends every season. Today, I’d like to show you 13 amazing nail design ideas with their helpful tutorials below. Hope they will give you an inspiration for your next manicure this summer!

It is not quite difficult to make perfect nails as they look like. Actually, those complicated shapes and effects can be done easily with just a few steps. You’ll find many fabulous nail designs of different styles which can be worn for all occasions. You may become an expert to use nail polish after seeing our post and you can also make creative nail designs for your best friends or your sisters. They will look way too glamorous with all your wits on their nails.

Sequined Bow Nail Design

Sequined Bow Nail Design via


Red Striped Nail Design

Red Striped Nail Design via


Pink Dotted Nail Design

Pink Dotted Nail Design via


Pink and Black Nail Design

Pink and Black Nail Design via


Pastel Blue Flower Nail Design

Pastel Blue Flower Nail Design via


Lovely Sequined Nail Design

Lovely Sequined Nail Design via


Lovely Cherry Nail Design

Lovely Cherry Nail Design via


Lovely Animated Nail Design

Lovely Animated Nail Design via


Floral Heart Nail Design

Floral Heart Nail Design via


Embellished Nail Design

Embellished Nail Design via


Colorful Patterned Nail Design

Colorful Patterned Nail Design via


Checked Nail Design

Checked Nail Design via


Amazing Animal Nail Design

Amazing Animal Nail Design via


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