15 Fantastic Purple Hairstyles

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If you want to add a special shade of color for your look this season, the mysterious purple will be your ideal option. There are so many different shades of purple for your choice from the inky purple to the light violet. The deep purple will look like the night and the light lavender shade can remind you of the sweet floral smells. Today, let’s take a look at 15 fantastic purple hairstyles with our great photos below!

The rich purple shades are to be considered a sign of royalty and romance among all colors. If you don’t want to wear this color throughout your hair, you can only use it for the front fringe, the side layers or just a strand casually from your long tresses. Besides, they can also be combined with other colors like soft pink and electric blue to create a more dramatic effect for your final style.

Short Fauxhawk Purple Hairstyle

Short Fauxhawk Purple Hairstyle/Pinterest


Purple Ombre Hairstyle

Purple Ombre Hairstyle/Pinterest


Messy Bun Purple Hairstyle

Messy Bun Purple Hairstyle/Pinterest


Long Straight Purple Hairstyle

Long Straight Purple Hairstyle/Pinterest


Medium Purple Hairstyle - Inverted Bob

Medium Purple Hairstyle – Inverted Bob/Pinterest


Long Wavy Purple Hairstyle - Ponytail

Long Wavy Purple Hairstyle – Ponytail/Pinterest


Long Wavy Purple Hairstyle

Long Wavy Purple Hairstyle/Pinterest


Twisted Bun Purple Hairstyle

Twisted Bun Purple Hairstyle/Pinterest


Long Wavy Purple Hairstyle

Long Wavy Purple Hairstyle/Pinterest


Long Wavy Purple Hairstyle

Long Wavy Purple Hairstyle/Pinterest


Long Layered Purple Hairstyle

Long Layered Purple Hairstyle/Pinterest


Great Long Wavy Purple Hairstyle

Great Long Wavy Purple Hairstyle/Pinterest


Amazing Long Wavy Purple Hairstyle

Amazing Long Wavy Purple Hairstyle/Pinterest


Braided Purple Hairstyle

Braided Purple Hairstyle/Pinterest


French Braid Purple Hairstyle

French Braid Purple Hairstyle/Pinterest


15 Fantastic Purple Hairstyles
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