15 Pretty and Stylish Nail Art Designs for Girls

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Mismatched nail art designs get more and more popular because they can satisfy you with several kinds of nail arts. Strapped nail arts can be paired with geometry nail arts or floral nail arts; glitter nail arts can be paired with animal print nail arts or half moon nail arts. Actually, the mismatched nail arts can be made by several stylish nail arts you love at the same time, so they are versatile and adorable by many girls.

If you don’t have  ideas of styling your mismatched nail art, you can get the inspiration in today’s post. The post will give 15 pretty mismatched nail arts to you. The designs are useful and they can complete many outfits. Check them out now and learn how to rock the mismatched nails!

Nails for Seasons

Nails for Seasons via

Animal Print and Glitter

Animal Print and Glitter via

Floral and Dot Print

Floral and Dot Print via

Pink and Glitter Nails

Pink and Glitter Nails via

Sweet Nails

Sweet Nails via

Lovely Nails

Lovely Nails via

Stylish Nails

Stylish Nails via

Heart Shape Nails

Heart Shape Nails via

Pretty Nails

Pretty Nails via

Mismatched Nails

Mismatched Nails via

Green Nails

Green Nails via

Simple Print Nails

Simple Print Nails via

Pointy Nails

Pointy Nails via

Flowers and Dots

Flowers and Dots via

Stars and Straps

Stars and Straps via

15 Pretty and Stylish Nail Art Designs for Girls
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