16 Fruit Nail Art Designs for Summer

Like This:  

When it’s summer, various fruits will be on sale. What fruits do you like best? I like watermelons and bananas. I decide to polish my nails with my favorite fruits. I am sure that they will be interesting and pretty on my nails.

If you want to have a funny nail art, you can print some fruits on the nails as well. Your nails are destined to shine because of  the bright color of the fruits. Moreover, the fruit nail arts are best for you to show off your skills of polishing in summer.

Today’s post is going to present some amazing fruit nail art designs to you. Get inspired!

Various Fruits

Various Fruits

Nails with Banana Print

Nails with Orange Print

Nails with Strawberry Print

Nails with Strawberry Print via

Orange Nails

Orange Nails via

Nails with Kiwi Fruit Print

Nails with Kiwi Fruit Print via

Nails with Watermelon Print

Nails with Watermelon Print via

Yellow Nails

Yellow Nails via

Green Nails

Green Nails via

Stylish Fruit Nails

Stylish Fruit Nails via

Pretty Nails

Pretty Nails via

Colorful Nails

Colorful Nails via

Nails with Apple Print

Nails with Apple Print via

Nails with Cherry Print

Strawberry Nails

Strawberry Nails via

Lemon Nails

Lemon Nails via

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