Street Style Outfit Idea for 2015

Street Style Outfit Idea for Winter 2015

A new winter is coming soon. Let’s make some good preparations for the new season so that we won’t be hurry and confused when the winter comes in the end. As your personal professional pretty designer, we are also here to show you the best and correct ways

Lovely Pink Hair Color

17 Latest Hair Color Trends for 2015

Hey, divas! Are you tired of the wearing the boring hair color every day? Whether you are thinking about getting a new hair color or not, you must be eager to try these edgy chic hair colors the moment you see the following pictures. In this post, we would lik

Stunning DIY Embellished Collar

DIY Embellished Collar

Do you think your collars are too ordinary? Do you want to make your plain shirt more stunning and special? In this post, we have made an interesting and useful collection of the DIY collars. You can make use of the unused beads, studs or pearls and give a new

Cute Panda Design

2015 Amazing Tattoo Designs for Edgy Fashionistas

Hey, divas! Today I’m so excited to show you something amazing and stunning. You can make an ordinary tattoo at any tattoo tattoo, but the tattoos you are going to see in the gallery below will make you exclaim with admiration. Not every one can make such pe

Sparkle Metallic Eye Makeup Idea

2015 Fashionable Metallic Eye Makeup Ideas

Hey, divas. We have made several posts about what you should wear and how to wear them in a fashionable way. But we all know that just wearing well is not enough for a fashionista to go out. We have to complete our fashionable looks with a gorgeous makeup look

Lovely Low Bun with Tiny Braid

2015 Most Beautiful Braided Updo Hairstyles

What are the most classic hairstyles in your heart? As for me, I think the braided hairstyles are timeless and fashionable. They are classic because you can see them season after season. They are fashionable because there are many ways to style the braids and

Pretty Curly Hairstyle

13 Stunning Ponytail Hairstyles for Curly Hair

In our conventional opinions, the wavy hairstyles are sexier and more fashionable than any other hairstyle. Yet, do you know that the wavy hairstyles can be more lovely than you think? Most of the time we will style our wavy locks into side-swept style or just

“If you don’t live for something you’ll die for nothing”

2015 Scrumptious Quote Tattoos For Fashion Divas

Quotes exist in this world to inspire us when we feel blue or when we need some spiritual pillars to support or encourage us. Do you have a motto which is quite important to you? Nowadays, more and more people would like to ink a quote tattoo on their body, wh

Trendy Outfit Idea with Knitted Sweater

15 Faddish Knitwear Outfit Ideas for Winter 2015

Hey,sweeties! As your personal pretty designer,we are always here to get you inspired and inform you of the latest fashion trends. For this season, the knitwear outfit is no doubt the hottest trend and they must be the most popular street style outfits. Theref

Pretty Polyvore Outfit for Holiday

Fabulous Polyvore Outfit Ideas for Holidays

Hey,fashionistas! A new holiday season is approaching! Are you ready to show off your fashion style? Do you have any idea of what to wear on your holiday? If not, just stay here for a while. As your professional pretty designer, we are sure have some fabulous

Pretty Shimmer Eye Makeup Idea

14 Stylish Shimmer Eye Makeup Ideas for New Year’s Eve

Hey, divas. Today we will present you some stylish makeup ideas for your New Year’s eve. Since there is still a long time before that day comes upon, you have a lot of time to practice the makeup looks. You are sure to spend your New Year’s Eve with someon

Sun-kissed Ombre Hairstyle for Long Hair

Top 10 Most Fashionable Long Hairstyles for 2015

Our hair gets longer as days goes from hot to cold. If you are not willing to chop off your long hair, then just don’t do it. Long hair has more ways to style and you can go for different styles with the same long hair for different occasions. All you need i

Textured Bob Haircut

13 Fashionable Hairstyles for Hat Wearers

Hey, divas! Do you have the habit of wearing a hat in winter? I’d love to wear a hat, but I find myself quite silly when I put on a hat. They bangs in the front become so dull and that makes my face shape rather ugly. So, if you like wearing hats, you must k