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5 Latest Makeup Trends for Spring 2014

Have you been informed with the latest trends for spring 2014? I should say there’s a little difference with 2013. Today, we’ll present you some 5 newest makeup trends which just ripped from the runways to help you stay trendy in spring 2014! As the spring

Party Makeup| Pink and Purple Makeup Ideas

Party Makeup| 15 Pink and Purple Makeup Ideas

Hey, fashionista! Today I want to share 15 party makeup ideas with you. They are all made with pink and purple eye shadows. We know that women will never go wrong with these two feminine and gentle colors. What’s more, they are sure to make you such a charme

16 Useful Cat Eye Makeup Tutorials

16 Useful Cat Eye Makeup Tutorials

We all have to admit that cat eye makeup is really being popular with its amazing look. It has many styles and we can wear it for many occasions. Today, we’ve rounded up 16 wonderful cat eye makeup tutorials, which will help you to learn how to get a perfect

18 Perfect Makeup Looks and Helpful Tutorials and Tips

18 Perfect Makeup Looks and Helpful Tutorials and Tips

Have you got an idea for your new spring makeup look? If no, then we’ve got some great suggestions with 18 pictures below to give you an exciting inspiration. If you want to make your eye lash look thicker, you can stamp the eyeliner along the base of lashe

25 Amazing Makeup Ideas with Red Lipstick

25 Amazing Makeup Ideas With Red Lipstick

Red lips are always to be considered as a classic sign for woman. Women with red lips look so glamorous and sexy at all time. Whether you are going to have a casual day errand or attend an important evening party, red lips are always a wise option for you wi

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13 Hottest Lipsticks for Spring 2014

From the runway models to the red carpet celebrities, we can tell that this spring would be all about light rich colors and soft neutral colors for lipstick. Besides, the nude color lipsticks are also a good choice for girls this season with its irresistible n

17 Perfect Natural Makeup Ideas for Spring 2014

17 Perfect Natural Makeup Looks for Spring

Natural glam has never stepped out of fashion trend for women. Most of time, we’d like to wear a fresh natural makeup rather than a heavily smokey eye, especially for a casual day outing with friends. Generally, a lighter shade of eyeshadow and nude lips can

17 Lovely Pastel Makeup Ideas

17 Lovely Pastel Makeup Ideas

If you still haven’t got something pastel yet, then it’s really the high time for you to reconsider this spring. We all have to admit that the hottest trend this season is the pastel colors like robin’-egg blue, lilac, cotton candy pink, mint green, etc.

2014 Spring-Summer Makeup Trends: Fierce Lips

Hot! 2014 Spring-Summer Makeup Trends

Applying makeup is fun and exciting for women. On the net you can find various kinds of makeup tutorials which tell you how to stress your beautiful eyes or sexy lips. Here, I want to put those tutorials away and share with you the hottest makeup trend for thi

18 Beautiful Eye Makeup Tutorials

18 Beautiful Eye Makeup Tutorials

If you feel tired of your routine makeup recently, we can provide you with some fresh ideas today to spice up your next spring look. But as we all know, not everyone is born as a professional. So we’ve got 18 beautiful eye makeup tutorials you need here to h

Hot Sparkle Blue Makeup

21 Colorful Makeup Tutorials for Women

If you love the colorful makeup looks, then today you’ll get 21 useful ideas for your next lovely spring inspiration. These tutorials are so easy to follow and every girl can learn how to make them after seeing this post. Maybe you’ve got your glamorous ma

20 Amazing Makeup Tutorials For Blue Eyes

20 Amazing Makeup Tutorials for Blue Eyes

Compared with brown eyes, blue eyes show more special in their own ways. But of course, there’re some amazing shadows which will look perfect on blue eyes. For those girls with charming blue eye, this post is specially written for you with 20 useful makeup t

20 Mysterious Purple Smokey Makeup Tutorials

20 Mysterious Purple Smokey Makeup Tutorials

As we all know, women can wear purple eye shadow in many occasions. There’s a range of different shades of purple eye shadow to create a fantastic look for their wearers. And all of them can be a good go-to choice for us before go outing. Most of them can be

Green Eyeshadow

19 Fabulous Shades of Green Eyeshadow

Have you got your idea of how to celebrate the upcoming spring? If no, then why not use our natural inspiration to use green eyeshadow to spice up your look in this new season. As the pastel trends are so hot this year, many girls would go for a light shade of

2014 Blush Makeup Tutorials

Best Blush Makeup Tutorials and Skills

Some women are not used to applying blush while doing a makeup. Yet, an appropriate blush will give you a better complexion and a healthier face. Women’s complexion and face shapes vary from person to person. Knowing the blush makeup skills is important, and