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Get Paid to Write Online Articles

Pretty Designs is an online women’s blogging site which was founded in 2006. Dedicated to women’s issues and interests, Pretty Designs has a variety of interest articles posted. Topics on the website include: Hair, Health, DIY, Weight loss, Beauty and Literature among others. Pretty Designs creates a hip, modern environment where women can learn how to apply eye-make up, browse the latest fashion trends and keep up on Hollywood and celebrity news and information. In the past, Pretty Designs has offered positions that feature part-time and telecommuting job flexibility.

And we open new writer positions now!

Experienced blogger desired for a position, part time, with the availability to telecommute and work remotely from anywhere. Knowledge of women’s topics (beauty, hairstyles, fitness, outfits, fashion, shopping) a must to write engaging articles.

How to apply

a) links to posts you wrote before,
b) number of posts you can write weekly,
c) some basic information about yourself (including facebook page)
d) Topics you familiar with.

Please send email to prettydesignscom[at]gmail.com and specify the name of the job in the subject line of the e-mail.