Nail Trend to Try: Chevron Nails

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Do you still remember what patterns you paint for your first nail art? I remember that I make a chevron nail design for the first manicure because I am not a good drawer and I want to paint something stylish. Yes. For beginners, it’s best for them to paint a chevron nail design. The nail art is easy to handle and also it is pretty.

Here I am going to introduce some chevron nail designs to you. You can find out useful ideas to make a stylish as well as pretty nail art. What’s more, I will offer you a chevron nail tutorials. The step-by-step tutorial will tell you how to style a chevron nail art quickly at home. What you need are tapes and bottles of nail polish.

Now, have no hesitation to check the post out and begin to paint a chevron nail design for your nails this week.

White and Grey Nails

White and Grey Nails via

Black and White Chevron Nails

Black and White Chevron Nails via

Three Tone Chevron Nails

Three Tone Chevron Nails via

Purple Chevron Nails

Purple Chevron Nails via

Blue and Golden Nails

Blue and Golden Nails via

Cute Chevron Nails

Cute Chevron Nails via

Red Nails with Glitter

Red Nails with Glitter via

Classic Chevron Nails

Classic Chevron Nails via

Stylish Chevron Nails

Stylish Chevron Nails via

Pretty Chevron Nails

Pretty Chevron Nails via

Sweet Chevron Nails

Sweet Chevron Nails via

Neon Chevron Nails

Neon Chevron Nails via