14 Recipes That Use Marshmallow Besides Smores

Summer is here and one quintennial summer food is smores. Most people eat them during a camping trip or a bonfire, but smores can get boring. Marshmallows have now become synonymist with smores, but there’s actually a lot of recipes that aren’t s

10 Buzzfeed Recipes To Try For Your Next Date Night

Date nights are always fun even if you don’t have a significant other. Sometimes, it’s fun to have a date night with your best friends, your roommate or maybe even your mom. No matter who you’re having a date night with, Buzzfeed has got you

Lemon Blackberry Cake Cookies

Easy Homemade Baking You Must Love

Have you ever baked some cake or some cookies on your own at home? If you are a baking addict, you can stay with us and see the recipes we offer here. There are many a delicious idea for you to bake the cakes and cookies. They will not fail you but satisfy you