Top 20 Studded Nail Designs You Should Have

Like This:  

I want to get everything studded because I think that studded clothes, studded shoes or studded hats can always make me become a focus. The studded things are sassy and cool, so they can bring an ultra-rock look. Even the studded nails can make every girl shine brightly.

The studded nail arts are spiced up by many sparkling things like glitter or studs. They are put on some stylish jewel in order to create a gorgeous look or a super cool look. Maybe some girls haven’t experienced with the studded nail arts. However, I am sure that they will love the studded nail designs after checking out the ideas below.

Mismatched Nails

Mismatched Nails via

White Nails with Studs

White Nails with Studs via

Black and White Nails

Black and White Nails via

Studded Blue Nails

Studded Blue Nails via

Pretty Studded Nails

Pretty Studded Nails via

Strap Nails

Strap Nails via

Mermaid Nails

Mermaid Nails via

Sliver and White Nails

Sliver and White Nails via

Stylish Nails

Stylish Nails via

Jewelled Nails

Jewelled Nails via

Pale Green Nails

Pale Green Nails via

Black and White Nails with Golden Studs

Black and White Nails with Golden Studs via

Tri-tone Nails

Tri-tone Nails via

Black and Purple Nails with Studs

Black and Purple Nails with Studs via

Cool Nails

Cool Nails via

Colorful Nails with Studs

Colorful Nails with Studs via

Studded Nails

Studded Nails via

Pink Nails with Studs

Pink Nails with Studs via

Black Nails with Studs

Black Nails with Studs via

Hot Nails

Hot Nails via

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