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Candle Holder

12 Low-cost DIY Projects for Home

You want something new and pretty for your home and you don’t want to spend too much money on them? DIY projects can always help you out. They are good ideas for DIY lovers as well as useful for your home decorating. DIY project can save your money and...

10 Cleaning Tips with Salt

10 Cleaning Tips with Salt

I don’t think we can live without salt. Salt can not only spice up your dishes, but also become a cleaning tips. Have you thought of using salt to do some cleaning? If you say no, you will be amazed at what the post tells you. Prettydesigns is going to...

Brown leather skirt

22 Stylish Leather Skirts for Women

The leather skirt is a very trendy piece for all women. It looks cooler and edgier than the ordinary skirt. You can match up your leather skirt with outfits of all styles. There’s no doubt that the black leather skirt will be able to create a most classic...

Michael Kors Jet Set Tote

10 Chic Handbags You Must Have

I bet every girl must have a Chanel flap bag in your wardrobe. It can flatter your any outfit in a perfect way. If not, then you should really read this post. We’ve made a classic collection of designer handbags and all of them are definitely worthy to be...

Twisted Bun Hairstyle with a Bandana

12 Pretty Hairstyles with a Bandana

Do you own a bandana in your wardrobe? It does not belong to menswear anymore. Nowadays, we can wear a bandana as pretty hair accessories for the hot summer days. There are many different ways to style it depending on your likes. You can even wrap a bandana...

Boyfriend Jeans With a Crop Top

22 Coolest Ways to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Every girl must have a pair of boyfriend jeans in the wardrobe. But do you know how to wear it for the latest fashion trend? We’ve collected some fabulous ways to teach you how to make a stand-out look with your boyfriend jeans on street. It will appear...

Fancy Dinner

12 Exciting Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

The birthday is a special day for everyone and we should really celebrate it in an exciting way. For people who have numerous friends, it will be a good idea to hold a themed birthday party. Decorate your house with all shimmery accessories and ask all your...

Bohemian Gypsy Style

10 Boho Hair Tutorial for the Season

Hello, girls! No matter where you go, you love barefoot? You think you can’t live without music? Or you always love fresh and breeze dresses? If you say yes to all these, you are a boho style. You are lucky to find out the post. Prettydesigns will bring you...

How to Apply Mascara: 10 Tips

How to Apply Mascara: 10 Tips

Last time, prettydesigns offered you some tips to make bigger eyes. Today we continue to offer you 10 amazing tips to make a perfect eye makeup. The post will tell you how to apply mascara to pair your look. It is not easy to make a longer and prettier lashes...

Sliver Glitter Eyeliner

10 Glitter Tutorials to Rock this Week

Hello, girls. You always want to get everything with glitter? You always want a sparkle look? Then you are lucky to find out our site. Prettydesigns continue to be here and offer many a pretty good idea for you to glam a great look. Today’s post is going to...

White Floral Dress

10 Pretty Dresses You Should Own

Dresses are definitely being an essential part for every girl’s wardrobe. They own a versatile of styles and can make a pretty and romantic look. Among all kinds of dresses, the little black dress is to be considered as the most classic choice for women....

Ashley Tisdale Messy Low Ponytail

12 Cute Hairstyles with Headbands

The headband hairstyle will remind us of the vintage 60s look. It does not belong to schoolgirls any more. There are plenty ways to style it in a very trendy and chic look. No matter you are having long wavy hair or short hair, you can always wear a pretty...

Deer Head

15 Ideas to Make String Arts

Can a string create something stylish and cool? The answer must be yes. Even a simple string can make a perfect art if you learn some tricks about it. Don’t you believe that? Today prettydesigns will give you some string art ideas to check out. Browse...

Formal Look

16 Fabulous Ways to Wear Sneakers

The sneakers play an essential part for our casual everyday look. They are very comfortable to wear and will work fabulously with the simple white top and ripped jeans. You must think of the famous Converse brand when it comes to the sneakers. The Converse...

Nicole Richie

10 Trendy Ways to Wear Wide Leg Pants

Wide-leg pants are being very hot and popular this season. It is high time to get rid of your skinny pants and boyfriend jeans and define your body with a bold look. The simple black and white wide-leg pants will look very trendy and chic for women. You can...