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5 Tips on How to Achieve the Perfect Beach-Ready Makeup

5 Tips on How to Achieve the Perfect Beach-Ready Makeup

Summer is here, and that means it’s time for endless beach days spent reading and relaxing by the bright blue shoreline. However, with summer beach days come makeup struggles. Deciding how to apply your makeup before you go to the beach can be extremely

Victoria Beckham Inverted Bob - Trendy Short Hairstyle for Women

90+ Chic Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for 2016

Ready for an exciting, new gallery of gorgeous short haircuts? Come in and browse the latest hairstyles and color trends worn by your favorite celebrities – they are all fabulous. With fresh color and styling techniques, edgy cuts and the amazing, new metall

15 Rainbow Hairstyles You Will Want Right Now

12 Rainbow Hairstyles You Will Want to Copy Right Now

If you feel stuck in a hair rut, then break yourself out of it! Most of us stick to the same old black, brown or blonde colors for years on end until we eventually go grey. But the rainbow is full of a dazzling array of colors, so why not try some of them out?

15 Ways to add Sparkle to any Outfit

15 Ways to add Sparkle to any Outfit

Whatever you’re wearing and wherever you’re going, there’s no outfit that can’t be improved with just a touch of sparkle. Don’t just sit around waiting for a glamorous event for an excuse to give your look some glitter, stand out from the crowd a

Tartan Shirt and Denim Shorts via

20 Pretty Ideas for Wearing Summer Shorts

Summer begins with its sunshine and blue sky. How do girls glam their summer looks? Shorts must be staples for every girl. There are various pairs of shorts. They are in different colors, patterns and styles. It is versatile for you to wear a pair of shorts fo

Water Marble Toe Nails via

30 Hot Toe Nails for Summer

Flip Flops are must-have stuff for every summer. What are your new flip flops like this year? Every girl may have several pairs of flip flops. The girls usually go with the staples without nice nails. Some of them change the toe manicure a lot. Here are toe na

Sunglasses Nails via

25 Trendy Nails for Your Summer Look

Summer is approaching. Why not get a pretty summer manicure for the season? As it is an enthusiasm as well as hot season, let’s pop up the nail art by summer elements. Girls may consider what to glam your nails this summer. Don’t worry. There are ideas to


Top 10 Best Deodorants For Women That Actually Work

Deodorant is a vital staple in any woman’s healthy daily hygiene and beauty routine. We need deodorant to keep us smelling fresh and clean and to prevent any embarrassing tell-tale sweat stains from making an appearance under our arms throughout the day

12 Classic Polyvore Outfits For Fall

12 Classic Polyvore Outfit Ideas For Fall

Even though fall might seem like light years away, it’s actually coming up quickly. However, Pretty Designs won’t leave you hanging for fall fashion. No matter what kind of outfit you’re looking for, there’s certainly going to be one fo

Easy Half Bun via

17 Tutorials to Show You How to Make Half Buns

The half bun hairstyles are so trendy that many girls like styling it for seasons. However, there are still some of the girls don’t know how to make a half bun successfully. They are always searching for some hair tutorials to get the solutions. The post is

Green Sundress via

21 Fantastic Dresses for Sunny Days

You are going to spend a summer break? You have already decided where to go? Then it is time for you prepare your summer clothing. What are you going to take with you? Dresses must be taken by you for the nice pictures. Here are ideas for you to glam a pretty

Lob with Bun via

20 Girly Hairstyles You Must Love

How can we style a hair which can bring the young vibe back? Is it hard for us to make it? Actually it is easy for every girl to make a young hair look with a simple bun. We offer some ideas for you to learn how to style a playful bun for the daily look. You w

Blunt Bob via

19 Chic Simple Easy Short Hairstyles for Every Girls

Summer is a good season for everyone to show off your new hair looks. If you want to chop your long hair, you will think twice about the new short hairstyles. How to have a pretty hairstyle? First of all, check out some fresh haircuts that the post offers here

Casual Top and Ripped Jeans via

30 Summer Outfit Ideas to Upgrade Your Look

When tank tops and shorts appear in the street, you will consider your new looks because summer is around. As it is getting hotter and hotter, it is time for you to pull your summer staples out or improve your wardrobe. To welcome a hot season, what are you go