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Bow Ponytail

10 Pretty Ponytail Tutorials for the Week

What do you want to glam for a new week? If you have long and texture hair, you won’t miss the pretty ponytail hairstyles. Today we are going to show you some stylish as well as pretty ponytail tutorials for you to rock this week. Trust us! You can make a...

Jar Photo Frame

10 Decorative DIY Projects for Your Holiday

Do you feel boring after spending several days of your holiday? Don’t worry. We are here and always give you some DIY projects for you to occupy your holiday. If you are a DIY lover, you will not miss today’s post as well. Just stay with us and have fun...

Cute Cat Tattoo

Cute Tattoo Designs for this Week

Do you think that tattoos only look cool for you? That’s not totally right! What your tattoos look like depends on what you choose for the designs. Most of the people will ink some cool designs for their body while some of them will have the cute...

Bat Tattoo Designs

10 Cool Ear Tattoo Designs

Where do you think is the most strange place for inking a tattoo? I think it will be the ear. Since the ears are small, ear tattoo designs are usually stylish as well as tiny. Most tattoo patterns can only be painted against the ear bone. Of course, besides...

Old Window Makeovers

10 Creative Home Decoration Ideas

We are always here and offer you some useful as well as creative DIY home decoration ideas. Just stay with us and keep up with the latest DIY ideas for your home. Today we will introduce some ideas for you to make your own decoration with the used things at...

Light Pink Eye Makeup

12 Useful Makeup Tutorials for Beautiful Girls

Hey, beautiful girls! Before you go out, you will not forget to wear some beautiful makeup on your face. So today we have collected 12 useful makeup tutorials for you. These tutorials will offer you many a easy way to spice up your makeup. They will teach you...

Metallic Bracelet

DIY Ideas for Winter: Pretty Accessories

Hello, girls! DIY ideas are collected from the Internet by us again. We don’t think that you will miss today’s post because you will find many a useful DIY accessory idea here. You don’t even need to buy accessories in the shop and you can just make...

Jessica Chastain Curly Bob

10 Fresh Curly Bobs to Try for Winter

A breezy and curly bob can be an eye-catcher for sure. The curly hair do can always add movement as well as life to the whole look. What’s more, it is fresh and worth trying hairstyle for this winter. There are various kinds of curly hair looks for you to...

Tamsin Egerton Deep Side Part

10 Ultra-pretty Celebrities Long Waves

Hey, pretty girls? What do you want to style for your hair? Straight hair looks or Curly hair looks? If you prefer the curly hairstyles, you are lucky to find today’s post. The post is going to show you 10 ultra-pretty celebrities long wavy hairstyles. You...

Natural Eye Makeup

How to Apple the False Eyelash

Appling a pair of false eyelash is one of the important steps for everyday makeup. The false eyelashes can make bigger eyes and enlighten up the eyes. How to choose a right pair false eyelash is a problem. Today you can find the solutions just in the...

Napkin Ring Ideas-makeandtakes

DIY Ideas: Christmas Napkin Rings

Hey, girls! It has just several days before Christmas comes. Are you busy decorating your home now? If you say yes, don’t forget to make some Christmas napkin rings for your Christmas dinner. Today we have chosen some decorative ideas to you in order to get...

Pretty Dragonfly Tattoo

Pretty Dragonfly Tattoo Designs for Girls

Hey, tattoo lovers! I don’t you will miss today’s post because you will find many a pretty draonfly tattoo design in the post. All these dragonfly designs are printed on the right places and they are so pretty that tattoo lovers can’t wait to have one...