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45 Balayage Hair Color Ideas – Blonde, Brown, Caramel, Red

Find the latest most popular hair color ideas here! Try the latest most popular latest dye trend – the French Balayage hair!

40 Balayage Hairstyles - Balayage Hair Color Ideas with Blonde, Brown, Caramel, Red
45 Balayage Hairstyles - Balayage Hair Color Ideas with Blonde, Brown, Caramel, Red

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, hardly any of us had heard of balayage hair – A technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect).

balayage hairstyles

The style originated on the runways of Paris, but these days, this glamorous take on the ombre trend is pretty much everywhere- it’s not just catwalk models that are rocking it anymore.

Balayage ombre hair for short hair


Now is the ideal time for a fresh new look and the sun-kissed blend of colors that come with balayage will be perfect for the sunshine season.

Balayage hair color ideas for medium length hair

balayage hair color ideas

Brown and Blonde Ombre Balayage Hairstyle for Long Hair

This long wavy style is the perfect blend of balayage and classic ombre. No two colors go better together than chocolate brown and golden blonde, so every girl can rest assured that this style will look amazing on her.

Choppy Graduated Bob – balayage bob haircut for medium hair

The graduated bob is a classic cut that will never go out of style. This jagged cut adds a rock chick edge to the style and we love the soft touches of honey colored balayage.

Choppy Balayage Bob for Short Hair

Your balayage bob doesn’t have to have an A-line cut to look cool and edgy. This chic crop looks particularly flattering with sun-kissed flashes of caramel blonde.

Long Flowing Locks – Balayage for Long Hair

Luxurious long waves can sometimes be in danger of looking dull if they are all one shade of brown. Adding some super subtle balayage to your mermaid-like tresses can brighten them up and give your look a brand new lease of life.

Centre Parted Beach Waves – Blonde Balayage Hairstyle for Girls

Another amazing way to style long flowing hair is to put it into a side parting with some ‘fresh off the beach’ waves. This style can make any girl look surfer chic, especially with some golden highlighting balayage.

Back view of Balayage Hairstyle – Balayage Highlights – Chestnut Curls

If your hair is a medium length, give it an extra bit of character and definition by opting for multi-tonal brown ombre. Cute curls make the chestnut and chocolate brown streaks stand out even more.

Extreme Graduated Bob – Balayage For Chic Length Hair

Can’t decide whether you want to hack off your long hair in order to get a rock a cool, edgy bob? This extremely contrasting A-line bob is the perfect mix between the two lengths. The style is accentuated by soft shades of brown balayage.

Celebrity Waves – Balayage Hairstyle for Shoulder Length Hair

Blonde Balayage Hairstyle: This golden balayage hairstyle with sleek waves looks totally red carpet ready. Try this look for your next big night out and you’re guaranteed to turn plenty of heads.

Contrasting Curls – Most Popular Balayage Hair Color Idea

The juxtaposition between dark and blonde here is a little more dramatic than some other types of balayage. If you would prefer a bolder look, these glossy curls will look great on you.

Subtle Blonde Highlights – Balayage for Medium Hair

It’s no secret that rich brown shades can make hair look glossy and full of life. However, a few understated hints of blonde balayage can make even the healthiest head of hair look in better condition than ever.

Balayage Hair Color Idea for Dramatic Lob

Balayage hair color ideas for women – Lobs are literally all the rage right now, thanks to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez. This style is usually worn in a very neat, chic style but this jagged, super layered take on the lob looks youthful and fun.

Mousey Brown – Back view of Simple easy Balayage Hairstyle

Balayage can be used to lift a usually dull color, such as mousey brown. These ever-so-subtle dashes of blonde look almost natural and add just a little bit of extra sunshine to the style.

Balayage Hairstyle for Long Hair: Light Brown

If you really want to add a new lease of life to your mousey brown locks, dare to go just that little bit bolder with a shimmering shade of golden blonde. The choppy layers at the very end of the hair make this sun-kissed balayage stand out even more.

Balayage Hairstyle for Wavy Hair – Black and Gold

Balayage hairstyles – Girls with brown or blonde locks are able to experiment with a range of balayage shades which match perfectly with their own natural color. But what if your hair is jet black and you don’t feel like dying the entire thing? It’s easy. Stand out with a bold shade of gold which looks gorgeous on a black backdrop, especially with these long mermaid waves.

Long and Layered

If you’re worried about your long hair looking lank or heavy, break up those flowing ends with plenty of layers and a hint of chestnut balayage.

Layered Lob – Balayage Hairstyle for Medium Hair

Here is another gorgeous way you can rock a layered long bob. Texture and dimension are added to this lob thanks to the messy curls and contrasting blonde balayage.

Two-Tone Brunette – Balayage Hairstyle with Waves

Dark haired girls really know how to make balayage their own. As if these luxuriously long sweeping curls weren’t beautiful enough on their own, the subtle brown balayage really adds an extra hint of character.

Big Curls Lob – Balayage long bob Hairstyle

A trendy lob doesn’t need to be super curly or dead straight to look amazing. To get really relaxed, bouncy curls, use a wide-barrelled curling iron and some tints of caramel balayage.

Blonde in the Front – layered Balayage Hairstyle for shoulder length hair

Choosing to concentrate the majority of your blonde balayage towards the front of your hair will really brighten up your face. Achieve this by asking your stylist to go heavier on the blonde in the front and then gradually lighter towards the back of your hair.

Sweet Waves – back view of medium Balayage Hairstyle

This delicious combination of caramel and honey looks almost good enough to eat. The hair is mid-length with some very soft, gentle curls.

Platinum Balayage

Blonde balayage ombre hair ideas : At first glance, you could almost be forgiven for mistaking this ‘do for a pretty standard mix of brown and gold balayage. However, only at the tips of the hair do we see the shockingly stunning touch of platinum blonde.

 Dark Cherry Bob – side view of medium Balayage Hairstyle

Just when we thought there was no way a perfectly curled cherry brown bob could possibly get any prettier, this girl added tiny touches of mahogany balayage and took the hairstyle up to a whole new level.

Silver and Blonde Balayage Hairstyle for Shoulder Length Hair

Long gone are the days when silver hair was something to be ashamed of. Shimmery silver makes platinum blonde stand out even more, which is why these two colors are ideal balayage buddies for bold girls.

Dark Roots

Balayage doesn’t have to be swept through your entire hair from top to bottom, nor does it have to start just at the ends of your hair like a dip-dye. Chunky dark roots make any girl look fun and slightly rebellious, team your natural color with ash brown balayage for a girly rock-chick look.

Disney Blonde Balayage Hairstyle for girls

Who hasn’t secretly dreamed of being a Disney princess at least once? These bright blonde princess curls look like something straight out of Sleeping Beauty or Tangled and we love them.

Brown to Blonde

If your favorite thing about balayage hair is the beautiful way the colors fade into one another, you’ll love this style. The way the dark brown gradually transitions to light brown and then to ash blonde and, finally, platinum blonde, is almost magical.

Short Balayage Bob – Balayage Hairstyle for Short hair

If you prefer natural colors over vibrant ones and short, manageable hair over long, then this blonde and brown balayage bob is ideal for you.

Brown and Blonde Ombre Waves

The centre parting and relaxed waves in this hairstyle are just screaming out for some natural sun-kissed highlights. This golden ombre might not technically be all natural, but that can be your secret.

Balayage Hair Colors – Honey Balayage

Easy Asian balayage hair color ideas for Asian women – Bright honey blonde swept through deep brown leaves hair with a completely radiant effect. This combination, complete with sexy beach waves is runway ready.

Bronde Waves – Latest most popular balayage hair color idea

Can’t quite decide between blonde and brunette? That’s a problem women have been struggling with for decades and is only now being solved. Bronde is the perfect blend of the two tones.

Multi-Tonal Mixture

Deep, rich brown, light caramel brown and golden blonde are just a few of the shades we can spot in this multi-colored combination. All of these colors seem to be the perfect fit for balayage, especially when worn with long flowing waves.

Bouncy Long Bob – Wavy Balayage Hairstyle

The long bob- or lob- is about as fashionable as it gets right now. The soft mixture of light and dark browns in this style looks exquisite enough to turn heads but laid back enough to be cool.

Shaggy Bob – Balayage Hair Color Ideas for Medium Hair

The amount of options for brunette balayage is seemingly endless so don’t be fooled into thinking you’ve seen them all. This unique shade of ash brown, cut into a shaggy blunt bob looks incredible, especially when teamed with dark roots.

Random Curls

Balayage is all about experimenting with different combinations of colors, so why not play around with different textures too? Keep some of the hair straight and other parts curly to really shake up the style.

Balayage for Blonde Hair – Dark Brown to Light Blonde Fade

The way these brown beach waves very gradually fade to light blonde, becoming caramel brown and a golden in-between color during the process, is beautiful. It’s hard to imagine a more surfer chic look than this.

Brightened Brunette – Popular Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Brunette balayage hairstyle: This hairstyle is the ideal way to brighten up dark hair which could be in danger of looking dull. You won’t have to worry about straying too far from your classic brown shade, as this style only requires one slightly lighter tone.

Blonde Balayage Bob

Blonde Balayage hairstyles: Never again will you have to stress out over constantly touching up your roots when you rock this sexy, shaggy bob. Try this out if you’d like the benefits of both blonde and brunette in your messy bob.

Ash Blonde Curls

Everyone wants healthy, luscious hair which is in excellent condition. If you’re lucky enough to have perfect hair already or you just want to fake it, ash blonde balayage is the one for you. These colors will make any girls’ hair look glossy and gorgeous, especially when worn in curls like these.

Auburn Glow

Brown and auburn come together to create some wonderfully warm tones. Pair up these colors for radiant looking hair and an autumnal color scheme.

Golden Highlights

Thicken up your fine, flat locks by adding golden balayage and random waves. This mixture of colors and textures can make just about anybody’s hair look voluminous.

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45 Balayage Hairstyles - Balayage Hair Color Ideas with Blonde, Brown, Caramel, Red
45 Balayage Hairstyles - Balayage Hair Color Ideas with Blonde, Brown, Caramel, Red
45 Balayage Hairstyles - Balayage Hair Color Ideas with Blonde, Brown, Caramel, Red
45 Balayage Hairstyles - Balayage Hair Color Ideas with Blonde, Brown, Caramel, Red
40 Balayage Hairstyles - Balayage Hair Color Ideas with Blonde, Brown, Caramel, Red

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