10 Shimmery Eye Makeup Ideas for Special Occasions

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As a fashionist, I always chase the fashion trend which I like and which can fit me. I think shimmery eyeshadow is one of my favorite makeup tricks. Making a shimmery eye makeup can not only create bigger eyes, but also enlighten the eyes. I like puting shimmery eyeshadow to spice up the look when I have date or when I attend a party. How about you? You want a shimmery eye makeup for the coming party as well?

If you are interested in shimmery eye makeup tricks, you can stay with us and find what you want in the post. It provides you with 10 useful eye makeup ideas. To create a shimmery eye makeup, you can put the metallic eye shadow as well as the glitter. There are ways to have shimmery eyes here.

You can wear the shimmery makeup for parties, outgoings and any special occasions. If you can play the make tricks, you will find they are versatile. Have a look at the post right away!

Glitter Eye Makeup

Glitter Eye Makeup via

Pretty Shimmery Eyes

Pretty Shimmery Eyes via

Smoky Eyeliner with Silver Glitter

Smoky Eyeliner with Silver Glitter via

Three Tone Shimmery Eyes

Three Tone Shimmery Eyes via

Sliver Eyeshadow

Sliver Eyeshadow via

Colorful Eyeshadow

Colorful Eyeshadow via

Blue Shimmery Eyeshadow

Blue Shimmery Eyeshadow via

Black and Glitter Eyes

Black and Glitter Eyes via

Party Glitter Eye Makeup

Party Glitter Eye Makeup via

Gorgeous Eye Makeup

Gorgeous Eye Makeup via

10 Shimmery Eye Makeup Ideas for Special Occasions
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