13 Essentials For Freshman Who Are Moving Into A Dorm

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Moving into college is exciting! You’re finally moving out of your parent’s house and you’re on your own, free to do whatever you please. Moving away from home can be difficult sometimes because you’ll realize that you forgot a lot of things that you actually needed.


Pretty Designs is here to help you with everything you need to remember when you’re moving into a dorm. One piece of advice before you go out and buy everything on this list, make sure to check what you are and are not allowed to have at your school/in your room. Here are 13 Essentials For Freshman Who Are Moving Into A Dorm!

1. A Full-Length Mirror

This is easily one of the most overlooked things by freshman because it’s something that you take for granted. At your room at home, you probably have one of these and having one at college is great. You have a lot of options where to put it as well including putting it in your closet, behind your door or even in your bathroom. If you forget it, you can usually find a cheap one at Walmart. Check out the best selling mirrors on amazon.

2. Flip Flops

Flip-flops are a must-have especially if you share a bathroom with your entire floor. If you live in a suite, you don’t have to worry as much but should still have a pair. Dorm showers are gross and wearing flip-flops in there will make it a little less gross. You can even bring an old pair from home or get a really cheap pair that you can wear to both to the shower or if you’re just lounging around in your room. You can buy the flip flops here.

3. Rain Boots

Depending on where your school is located, rain boots are a lifesaver. Just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean you don’t have class and having to sit in class with wet shoes is no fun. Rain boots come in a variety of colors and patterns so you’ll have tons of choices. Rain boots are great in the winter time too because they have a lot traction on the bottom so you’ll have a lot of opportunities to wear them.

4. An Umbrella

When there are rainy days, you’re going to need an umbrella too. Sitting in class with wet clothes is even worse than sitting in class with wet shoes because you have to take off your sweatshirt, let it dry and then still have to put it back on. Having an umbrella solves that problem and as an accessory to your outfit can look pretty adorable. Buy the Umbrellas here.

5. Bottled Water

Having water to drink at home is something you will take for granted. You need bottles of water in your room because you might need a drink at midnight but wait, the dining hall closed at 8 or if you’re at the gym working out, it’s nice to have water in your room. You can also use that water for cooking  and if you and your roommate buy water, you two can switch off on who buys it too.

6. A Desk Lamp

Usually, when you live in a dorm, there’s only one light in the room and it’s on the ceiling. That’s why a desk lamp is a must-have. If you’re doing work at your desk and it’s late, you might want to just use the lamp or if your roommate doesn’t want the main light on, you can use your lamp.  There are definitely a million scenarios where having a lamp can come in handy. Check out the best selling desk lamps.

7. A Flashlight

This might sound a little strange, but hear me out. During my sophomore year in college, I was living in a dorm and the lights went out multiple times during that year. I think it was because of construction, but it still sucked more than anything. While I had my phone, it could have died at any moment and having a flashlight would have been great in that situation. Even if that doesn’t happen to you, it’s still good to have one just in case.

8. A Portable Charger

These are a lifesaver in college! Having a portable charger is great because it can be used while you’re at the library, while you’re in class or even when you’re out, having fun. If you can’t be back in your room for a long time, make sure you have one of these. You don’t want to miss an email from a professor or your friends about meeting for dinner so having one will eliminate some of those problems. You can buy the the top quality Portable Chargers here.

9. A Power Strip

This is one thing you absolutely cannot live without in a dorm. Having a power strip is going to make your life so much easier. Usually, dorms don’t allow you to have extension cords and they normally don’t have a lot of outlets in the room. Power strips are also relatively cheap so grabbing a few isn’t a bad idea and there are even some with USB ports to charge your phone too! Buy the best power strips here.

10. Flash Drive

Most of the time in college, you’ll start a paper somewhere and then go somewhere else to work on it later. Having a flash drive will make that process a lot easier. It also gives the freedom to pretty much print whenever especially for professors who won’t let you just turn in an online copy. Flash drives also work great for organizing your online work by subject and most even come with a keychain that you can hook on your backpack.

11. Dishes

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: Dining hall isn’t that great. After you eat it for a few weeks or months, you’ll want something else. That’s why you’ll need a few dishes, definitely nothing too extravagant. If you have a microwave, that’s pretty much all the cooking you’ll be doing unless your dorm has a kitchen. Having dishes will be a lifesaver when you’re busy and want something quick or if you don’t really feel like leaving your room. You don’t even have to have normal dishes, paper dishes, and plastic silverware work great also.

12. Cleaning Supplies

You might not think so, but dorm rooms can get pretty dirty. That’s why you should make sure to bring cleaning supplies with you. Definitely, invest in a small vacuum because it’s easy to run and will take no time. Purchase some wipes and paper towels which are quick to clean up messes and if you’re allowed to have them, a scented plug in to give your room a nice smell. Those are some of the basics to help keep your room clean and what you should try to find.

13. Quarters

If you don’t get anything on this list except for one thing, make sure it is this! Quarters are now a precious commodity to you because that’s how you’re going to do laundry. You should start saving up quarters as soon as possible because you never know how much laundry you’re going to have to do. Not having enough quarters to dry your clothes would be terrible and sometimes, that could happen so having a huge supply of quarters with you is absolutely necessary.

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