Alexa Chung Black Leather Biker Jacket

18 Cool and Chic Leather Jackets for Fall/Winter 2014

A black leather jacket is definitely cool and a good go-to choice in cold weather. It owned its population by its stylish and contemporary shape that mixed with a bit of rock definition. It is particularly hot among teenagers and young adults. We can simply co

top 15 fascinating mermaid wedding dresses

Top 15 Fascinating Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Hey, gorgeous ladies, do you still remember Andersen’s fairy tale the Little Mermaid? The pretty and brave mermaid overcame lots of difficulties to pursue her happiness. She sacrificed herself just to realize the wished of her beloved prince. It is not a che

top 15 tank tops for summer

Top 15 Tank Tops for Summer

If you are a hipster, you must understand that a tank top is essential in summer. Its all-match may let you fondle admiringly. The first item for stuffy summer absolutely is a tank top. Actually, the tank top prevails each summer. Hollow-out element is the rec

Shine in Your Eyes-Prevalent Print Clothing

Print element appears frequently on fashion show this year. Geometric pattern, pop print and street print are avant-garde and delicate. Print of stand-out stripes is grabbing your eyes unwittingly, while the floral print becomes the fashion trend. The design o

Grey Sweater with Burgundy Pants

25 Latest Chic Sweater Clothing Styles for Fall 2018

Updated: It’s getting colder and colder. We all need a sweater to wrap up and cuddle in. Many girls are going to restock their sweaters this season. There’re many kinds of sweaters like whole-colored, Aztec printed and striped. Which one do you like best?

Plaid Pencil Skirt

22 Stylish Plaid Clothing Trends for Fall/Winter 2014

Plaid is coming back this season. Everyone loves plaid. No matter what your style is, plaid can always be a favor. Apart from the traditional Scottish plaid, there are many other new types of plaid for you choice now. Do you want a lovely plaid shirt or an off