Shine in Your Eyes-Prevalent Print Clothing

Print element appears frequently on fashion show this year. Geometric pattern, pop print and street print are avant-garde and delicate. Print of stand-out stripes is grabbing your eyes unwittingly, while the floral print becomes the fashion trend.

The design of floral print is vivid. It highlights the traditional style and contributes to embroidery effect. As long as you stick to print dressing, you must be a central figure in the spotlight.

Print has been the fresh force for fashion design owing to its vogue and high-end. Stripe print, leopard print and dot print have become the most popular topic among fashion designers. While floral print design with embroidery is the best option for both debutantes and super stars, for it can provide them with a super chic, vogue, feminine and charming look all around, casual dressing with print haroun pants is comfy and breezy, not only celebrities but ordinary persons can enjoy the pleasure.

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