Mint Outfit Ideas - Mint Day Dress

13 Ways to Wear Fresh Mint Outfit Trends

This season is all about bright colors from yellow, baby blue, pale pink, mint to metallic. They can make us feel cheerful and refreshing in the hot weather. Today, I’d like to show you 13 ways to wear the fresh mint outfit trends this summer! Generally spea

Lacey Shorts

19 Fabulous Ways to Wear Shorts for Summer 2014

Girls are so keen to show off their long legs in hot weather. Then a pair of fabulous shorts is the essential items this summer. Besides, they have so many colors and styles for us to choose. And it will be very easily for you to create any outfit, even for a

Pretty Embellished Skirt Outfit for Summer

15 Casual Outfit Ideas for Summer

As days are getting hotter and hotter, we need to prepare something for the summer days now. To make a stylish summer outfit, you we can do it without those pretty shorts, skirts and tops. What’s more important is that we should keep our outfit simple and ca


14 Ways to Rock the Cool Monochromatic Trends

Women are always so busy to follow the latest fashion trends every season, but actually there’s a classy way to dress up and it will last forever. Maybe you’ve got the answer. Yes, it is the monochromatic style. It consists numerous choices from darker sha

Yellow Lacey Dress

17 Latest Yellow Trends for Women 2014

Do you want to make a colorful update to your wardrobe for this hot summer? The bright yellow could be your perfect choice for their bold and fresh styles. We always consider that yellow is a symbol of luck and fun. So you can feel pleasant wearing it in any o

Coral Outfit Ideas - Coral Suit

11 Ways to Wear the Latest Coral Trends

Pastel colors are becoming more and more popular this year. We all love mint, baby blue, soft pink, coral and other pastel colors. They look so pretty and fresh with their lighter shades. I believe many girls like the natural coral color and it is also a trend

Denim Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas

Iconic Jumpsuits Outfit Ideas for Women

Hey, gals. Do you like wearing jumpsuits? If you don’t have a jumpsuit, rush to the mall and buy one, for they are the chicest fashion piece for you to get an effortless look at any time. They are easy to match everything and they are the best choices for ou

White Midi Skirt Outfit with a Printed Blouse

25 Trendy Midi Skirts Outfits

Hey, my dear friends. Skirts are must-have stuffs for almost every woman in summer. If you think the long skirts are too conservative and the mini skirts are too short, just pick up your midi skirts. Those mid-length skirts reach you calf and show the thinnest

Floral Blazer Outfit with a Lace Skirt

Floral Blazer Outfits for Women’s Wardrobe

Floral stuffs are the most popular trends for this season. The most trendy spring jackets are definitely the floral blazers. You will fell comfortable with the lightweight texture and you will look rather chic with those bright colors and ingenious floral patt

Stylish Trench Coats

Stylish Trench Coats for A Fashionable Look

At the very beginning, trench coats are produced for the soldiers to prevent themselves from coldness during the WWI. Later, trench coats play a more and more important role in the fashion industry. Now, the trench coat is already a timeless fashion piece for

Yellow Fashion

28 Yellow Outfits for a New Style

My dear readers, Pretty Design is around you all the time to present the world’s hottest trends of fashion to you. Today, we have prepared some fresh and lively trends for you. That is the Yellow Fashion. Yellow is quite a bright and popular color in this se

Lovely Tank Top

12 DIY Tank Top Tutorials

I don’t think you will miss a must-have stuff for summer. Yes, it’s a tank top. What does your tank top look like? Is it a lace-back top? If it’s not, will you like to have a try on a lace-back top? Actually, it’s OK for you to make over the old tank t