Givenchy Fall 2014

A Simple Collection of Givenchy Fall 2014

There’s such an abundant of prints, textures and shapes in Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy Fall 2014 show. But we can really call it as a metamorphosis point of all butterflies as you can see both the brighter colors of a butterfly wing and the muted tones o

Emilio Pucci Fall 2014

A Simple Collection of Emilio Pucci Fall 2014

The latest Peter Dundas for Emilio Pucci Fall 2014 Collection show would remind anyone the exotic Coachella style. There’re tons of breath-taking pieces on the runways. All those wild prints throughout the dresses are being able to give us a music-festival a

Full Skirt - The Fashion Week Star

Pretty Full Skirts for The Newest Fashion Week Star

  Depending on my experience, some of the biggest fashion trends are not led by the models on runways during the fashion week. Maybe you’ve got the answer now. Most of them are shown on the streets. Today, we’re gonna show you one of this season’s m

Thakoon Spring 2014

A Simple Collection of Thakoon Spring 2014

There’s one thing to be noticed at Thakoon Panichgul’s spring 2014 collection show on Sunday is that you can easily get a peer of legs with all his fancy pieces. This time, you really need to shift your attention below the belt. A high slit or a high-l

How to Suit Up the Hottest Leopard Coats for 2014

How to Suit Up the Hottest Leopard Coats for 2014

I bet nobody could forget Kate Moss’s signature leopard coat. Even many world-famous models are its big fans. And it did look fabulous for a stylish street style with her ankle boots and black denim. Besides, the classic leopard coat also owns a solid place

Tory Burch Spring 2014

A Simple Collection of Tory Burch Spring 2014

Welcome to the beautiful Tory Burch garden party for her spring 2014 collection! As always, it amazed us with its expertly used saturated bold colors and prints again. The brilliant designer created a botanical wonderland of greens and whites with hints of cor

Hermès Fall 2014

A Simple Collection of Hermès Fall 2014

Compared with the fast-paced nature of the fashion industry, we’d never forget Hermès’ timeless style with its last key show of Paris Fashion Week. As always, the last is not the least. This time, you will feel totally satisfied with the designer Christop

18 Best Wearing Ideas about Long Blazers

18 Best Wearing Ideas about Long Blazers

While winter has already gone far away and the summer has not come yet, we take off our winter jackets and pick up some lighter and thinner coats for a warm spring. At this time, our attention is captured by the stylish blazer. They keep us away from coldness

20 Ways to Wear Stripes for This Season

20 Ways to Wear Stripes for This Season

There are always some classic elements in the fashion world, one of which is the stripes pattern. The stripes are simple and stylish. You can wear stripes in different hues to go for different types of styles. Besides, stripes work well to change your figure i

15 Beautiful Combinations for Mother's Day: Sweet Mom

15 Beautiful Outfits Ideas for Mother’s Day

Hey, fashion divas. Mother’s day is just around the corner. We are here to help every mom look at their best on their holiday. Being a mom is the happiest thing in the world and it is hardest at the same time. While moms sacrifice almost all of their time to