Lovely Rose Tattoo

Fantastic Plant Tattoo Designs

If you like tattoos or if you are thinking about inking a tattoo onto your skin, stay here. Today we have got a fresh and special tattoo design for all the tattoo lovers. We are going to present you some wonderful tattoo designs about plants. Wow, that’s rea

Colored Tattoo for Women

Wonderful Colored Tattoos for Fashionistas

Hey, fashionistas! Although we have seen many chic tattoo designs, we will still get excited the moment we see a skillfully inked colored tattoo pattern. All the colored designs are the cooperated art work of the tattoo artist and the owner of the tattoo. Here

Anchor and Flowers Tattoo

15 Anchor Tattoo Designs You Won’t Miss

Miley Cyrus inks a simple anchor tattoo design on her wrist. Though it’s not a sophisticate design, it looks cool for the celebrity’s look. Actually, anchor tattoos are very popular nowadays and the design means “Hope anchors the Soul”. They are added

Elephant Tattoo

12 Cute Tattoo Designs You Must Love

What tattoo is the cutest one that you have ever seen before? Or do you have any cute tattoo design on your body? Maybe you can tell us sometime. Anyway, we have picked up some cute tattoo designs today. We want to show them here and hope you have fun as we

Funny Tattoo

12 Heel Tattoo Designs for You to Rock Seasons

We love heel tattoo designs because they are cute and tiny. When girls wear flip flops or sandals, they can show off their heel tattoos if they have inked some designs on the skin and the heel tattoos will bring a sexy look as well.  Today, we decide to intro

Back Tattoo

15 Dandelion Tattoo Designs to Be Adored

Speaking of dandelion, we think of hope and love. Though someone says dandelion means that love will not stay, we  believe in the other meaning of it, freedom and hope. Many people ink dandelion on the body in order to show their hope and their wish for freed

Lovely Cat Tattoo

15 Animal Tattoo Ideas for Female

You are looking for the first tattoo or the fourteenth one? You don’t know what to choose? You may find answers here. Today, we are going to offer you some cool as well as stylish animal tattoos to check out. If you are a tattoo lover or just feel instereste

Tiny Birds

15 Tiny Tattoo Designs You Won’t Miss

You want to get a tattoo but you don’t like a large pattern for your body? Don’t worry. You can have some tiny designs for your tattoo. Today’s post is going to tell you how adorable the tiny tattoos are. Just stay with us and check the post out. If you

11 Trendy Fish Tattoo Designs for Women

Hey, fashionistas! Today I make a post about the fish tattoos. Fish is such a romantic and pretty animal with plenty of freedom vibes. Women with a fish tattoo seems to an embodiment of the pretty goldfish. So, if you are fond of tattoo designs, especially the

Cat Tattoo

11 Funny Tattoos to Make You Happy

We often say that people who have tattoos are so cool. However, sometimes someone like inking some funny tattoos. The funny tattoos can make people happy and give a funny vibe on your skin. Here we have choosen many pretty as well as funny tattoos for you to c

Feminine Tattoo

Arm Tattoo Designs for Women

Do you want to have a pretty tattoo and you don’t know how? Today’s post is exact for you because we will offer you many a tattoo design to get useful ideas. We have choosen the arm tattoo because we think the arms have enough space to ink the creative des

Pretty Finger Tattoo

Pretty Finger Tattoo Designs for Fashionistas

If you are considering making a tattoo yet don’t know which place to do them in, why not think about your finger? The finger tattoos are mainly tiny and interesting, and they can capture others’ attention easily the moment you do anything with your hands.