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15 Anchor Tattoo Designs You Won’t Miss


15 Anchor Tattoo Designs You Won’t Miss

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus inks a simple anchor tattoo design on her wrist. Though it’s not a sophisticate design, it looks cool for the celebrity’s look. Actually, anchor tattoos are very popular nowadays and the design means “Hope anchors the Soul”. They are added by many other elements, like flowers, words and heart shapes. The designs are vivid in colors and patterns as well.

Today, we are going to show you some stylish anchor tattoo designs. Some of them are more sophisticate than Miley Cyrus’. Some are just simple. If you want to have a new tattoo, you can consider anchor designs.

You can browse through the post first and choose what you want. Finally, ask a professional tattoo artist to ink a pretty anchor tattoo on the placement you love.

Pretty Anchor Tattoo

Pretty Anchor Tattoo via

Hope and Anchor Tattoo

Hope and Anchor Tattoo via

Anchor and Words Tattoo

Anchor and Words Tattoo via

Colorful Anchor Tattoo

Colorful Anchor Tattoo via

Anchor and Flowers Tattoo

Anchor and Flowers Tattoo via

Simple Anchor Tattoo

Simple Anchor Tattoo via

Anchor and Rope Tattoo

Anchor and Rope Tattoo via

Stylish Anchor Tattoo

Stylish Anchor Tattoo via

Anchor Tattoo on the Wrist

Anchor Tattoo on the Wrist via

Anchor and Chain Tattoo

Anchor and Chain Tattoo via

Creative Anchor Tattoo

Creative Anchor Tattoo via

Women Anchor Tattoo

Women Anchor Tattoo via

Thigh Anchor Tattoo

Thigh Anchor Tattoo via

Tiny Anchor Tattoo

Tiny Anchor Tattoo via

Watercolor Anchor Tattoo

Watercolor Anchor Tattoo via

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