Nails to Try: Cartoon Nail Ideas

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Don’t you find that nail arts inspired by cartoon and animated movies are so cute as well as stylish? The cartoon nails can always give a funny look and make people happy. In addition, these nail arts remind us of our childhood when some prevail animated movies were released. Though some old cartoon images fade away from screen, they are remembered by being painted on the nails.

Last week, I made a cute nail art when I go back for my family get-together. I painted some Mickey Mouse images for the manicure. My family members loved them very much and the nail art recalls the memory of our childhood.

If you are interested in animated movies or cartoons, you can paint a cartoon nail art for the manicure. Here are some cartoon nail designs for you to choose and try out. Hope you enjoy and have fun with the post.

Mickey Mouse Mani

Mickey Mouse Mani via

Mickey Mouse Nails

Mickey Mouse Nails via

Sweet Nails

Sweet Nails via

Snoopy Nails

Snoopy Nails via

Stylish Nails

Stylish Nails via

Pastel Nails

Pastel Nails via

Kitty Nails

Kitty Nails via

Madagascar Nails

Madagascar Nails via

3D Nails

3D Nails via

Cartoon Nails

Cartoon Nails via

Ice Age Nails

Ice Age Nails via

Cute Nails

Cute Nails via

Minion Nails

Minion Nails via

Romantic Nails

Romantic Nails via

Creative Nails

Creative Nails via

SpongeBob Nails

SpongeBob Nails via

Pretty Nails

Pretty Nails via

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