16 Pretty Gem Nail Designs You Won’t Miss

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Hey, girls! How will you make your manicure bling-bling? Paint your nails with glitter polish? It’s OK for you to create a shiny nail art by using glitter. Have you thought about adding some amazing gems to your nails to create a bright look? It will be pretty for every girl to embellish their nails with colorful gems.

There are 16 pretty gem nail designs for you to have a look. We don’t think you will miss it because it will tell you how to rock a gem nail art design and it will also give you many a gem nail ideas. If you want to make a gem nail, you can wear a basic coat for the nails first and then put gems, pearls or other jewels by a pair of tweezers. It’s not hard for you to create a embellished gem nail art, but it may cost you time to choose the jewels you want.

After you finish one of the designs below, you will be surprised that the beauty that a nail art with gems shows. Have fun with the post and make your own gem nails for the next event.

White Nails with Gems

White Nails with Gems via

Black Nails with Gems

Black Nails with Gems via

Blue Gem Nails

Blue Gem Nails via

Simple Nail Art

Simple Nail Art via

Purple Nails

Purple Nails via

Pearl Nails

Pearl Nails via

Glitter Nails

Glitter Nails via

Blue Nails with Gems

Blue Nails with Gems via

Pink and White Nails

Pink and White Nails via

Stylish Gem Nails

Stylish Gem Nails via

Pink and Blue Nails

Pink and Blue Nails via

Black Nails with Jewels

Black Nails with Jewels via

Pointy Nails

Pointy Nails via

Pink Nails with Gems

Pink Nails with Gems via

Pretty Gem Nails

Pretty Gem Nails via

Pastel Nails

Pastel Nails via