Pretty Nails to Try: Half Moon Nail Designs

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Have you ever had a half moon nail polish? If you say no, you can paint it after browsing through today’s post. In the post, lots of half moon nail designs will be introduced to you. They are pretty, sassy and easy. You will adore them too.

Half moon nails are easy to paint because they just need two color blocks. Though you are a beginner, you can master it easily. Actually, we will tell you girls several simple steps to polish a half moon manicure. First, prepare your nails by polishing the base coat and making the nails dry. Second, apply stickers to the bottom of your nails. Third, begin to paint the first color to the bottom. Fourth, remove the stickers. Fifth, finish the second color to the nails.

Is it so easy for you? If you are interested in painting such a beautiful nail art for the season, you can check out more half moon designs below. Enjoy!

Half Moon Nail Tutorial

Half Moon Nail Tutorial via

Black and White Half Moon Nails

Black and White Half Moon Nails via

Red Nails with Glitter

Red Nails with Glitter via

Half Moon Nail Art

Half Moon Nail Art via

Pink and Sliver Nails

Pink and Sliver Nails via

Grey and Gold Nails

Grey and Gold Nails via

Half Moon Nail Design

Half Moon Nail Design via

Grey and Orange Nails

Grey and Orange Nails via

Pretty Half Moon Nails

Pretty Half Moon Nails via

Green Nails

Green Nails via

Pointy Nails

Pointy Nails via

Pastel Nails

Pastel Nails via

Pink Nails with Sliver Glitter

Pink Nails with Sliver Glitter via

Red and Gold Nails

Red and Gold Nails via