15 Ideas to Apply Lipsticks Like a Pro

Is it a nice day there? The sun shines and the breeze is soft here today. It is a good day to show off a new lipstick. What color do you pick up for your lipsticks today? Light tones or deep tones? You still don’t know how to make better lips or make fuller

12 Tutorials to Apply Lip Liner

Some girls feel confused with the usage of lip liners? Let’s learn how to apply it from now on. Lip liner is one of the must-have products in girl’s makeup bag. It is common for girls to have at least one lip liner. The beauty product will make a fuller li


21 Celebrities Tell You How to Wear Bright Lips

If you haven’t tried a bright lipstick, why not wear it for the warm season? Spring is absolutely a right time for girls to glam bright lipsticks. In such a beautiful season, it would be better for you to wear a warm and bright lip makeup to embrace the warm