How to Wear Crop Tops

How to Wear Crop Tops

Yes. Here comes the how-tos again. Today prettydesigns will show you some guides to wear crop tops. From runways to streets, you can find thousands of crop tops. It seems that crop tops fit women who have flat and firm abs. Actually, an small belly can have ri

White Shirt, Jeans and Pink Shoes

Spring Outfits for Casual Looks

Hello, pretty girls! Stay with prettydesigns and you can always keep pace with the fashion! Since spring is around us, you can glam a super casual look for this beautiful season. Pull out your shorts and jackets to spice up your spring looks. If you have no id

Embellish Blouse

16 DIY Ideas to Make Everything Shine

There are 16 ideas offered here for the new season. You can pull out your old stuff and clean them, getting ready for these DIY projects. DIY ideas can always help save money. You can have something new as well as beautiful without spending too much money on t