19 Easy Hair Tutorials for Summer 2017

When it is summer, girls who have long hair may have troubles to deal with the hair. Your hair will become greasy because of the sweat. There is a great way to solve the problems. Collect or tie the hair and make stylish hairstyles to fight with the hot air. S

Top 12 Romantic Hairstyles for Summer

Lots of girls consider their hairstyles as their flesh and blood. It sounds a little bit crazy, but it’s true. Girls always pay attention to their hairstyle for seasons and they care more about their hair look which can pair many outfits. Also, they want viv

ponytails for summer 2016

24 Perfect Summer Ponytails for Women

Find latest popular ponytails for summer here! Get a little help from eyeshadow to fake thicker hair.   cosmopolitan.com   youtube.com Watch the tutorial here. Get some much needed ponytail height with a little butterfly hair clip. ellepottsie.com

Fishtail Braided Hairstyle with Headband

Fantastic Hair Tutorials for Summer

Always don’t know how to deal with your long hair and how to do a pretty hairstyle for yourself? Then, stay here and we will give you the best solutions. In today’s post, we selected 9 simple and stylish hairstyles for women who are not good at doing compl

Stylish Platinum Blonde Hair

15 Super Cool Platinum Blonde Hairstyles to Try

Hey, fashionistas! Are you considering changing a new hair color? If yes, then you should love this post, because today we are going to recommend a hottest hair color for you: Platinum Blonde. As we all know that the blonde hair has been on the trend for a rea

Simple Loose Bun Hairstyle

15 Pretty Low Bun Hairstyles for Summer

Summer is here! My friends, are you ready for a cooler hairstyle? If you have pretty long hair and don’t want to cut it, then just try the versatile lower updo hairstyle. The low bun hairstyles are suitable for all women and all hair textures. They are such

Twisted Chignon for Women

16 Boho Twisted Hairstyles and Tutorials

Hey, divas! Today I prepare 16 boho twisted hairstyles for you, especially for those women who are not so skilled at making pretty braids. Twisted hairstyle is easy to do and it could be as beautiful as the braided hairstyle. Of course, if you have smart hands

Romantic Updo Hairstyle for Summer

22 Cool Summer Updo Hairstyle Ideas

What’s the smartest hairstyle for summer? If you are asking me, I would tell you it must be the updo hairstyle. That will be more correct for women with lone hair or thick hair. Updo hairstyles keep your look graceful and cool. Wherever you go, an stylish up

Pretty Beach Waves with Fishtail Braids

20 Effortlessly Stylish Long Hairstyles You must Love

Although short haircuts are becoming more and more popular, that doesn’t mean that the long hairstyles are out of date. In my eyes, women will long hair are more charming and beautiful. Maybe we may not be the most beautiful woman in this world, yet we can s