10 Perfect Hairstyle Ideas for Bad Hair

Have you ever experienced a busy morning with bad hair? But it doesn’t means that it should be a bad day. There’re plenty of easy hairstyles which will just need a few minutes before going out. But they can also give you a glamorous red carper-ready look with their simple and easy style. With a proper hairstyle, you’ll have a good mood for a whole day. Today, follow us with several easy hairstyles for bad hair below!

Braided Bangs
Braided Bangs/Getty Images

The stylish braided bangs are a best way for girls to keep your hair out of your face. You can just make a classy French braid with your front hair. Maria Menounos made this braided bangs hairstyle look sweet and special with three delicate braids while leave the rest of hair loose.

Braided Ponytail
Braided Ponytail/Getty Images

You may feel much surprised when seeing this sleek braided ponytail. Victoria Justice made it super high over the crown which is being able to elongate her chin length. This ponytail is an ideal option for those girls who want to create a neat and clean style.

Crown Braid
Crown Braid/Getty Images

Rashida Jones showed us why the crown braid hairstyles are being so popular among young teenage girls. She looks so pretty with a delicate braid around her head. You can copy this hairstyle by braid two sections of the hair behind your ears and pin them properly in place.

Double Texture
Double Texture/Getty Images

Amber Heard taught us how to pull off a runway hairstyle successful with this unruly textured long blond hairstyle. Its glamorous swept back style reminds us of the 80s’ style. You can use some shine oil over your hair to make it look more glowing and radiant.

Sleek Ponytail
Sleek Ponytail/Getty Images

We all have to admit that the sleek straight hair is the most appropriate hairstyle for women to attend a formal occasion. Its straightened texture and smooth surface give out a quite glamorous style for Jamie Chung in any evening, especially with a regal center parting.

Tight Topknot
Tight Topknot/Getty Images

If you don’t like the messy bun, you can chose to style it in a sleek style just like Jamie King’s twisted topknot. Its tight structure will make your long tresses in a better shape for a very long time. Besides, you can also show off your smooth neck with this hairstyle at the same time.

Anything Goes Updo
Anything Goes Updo/Getty Images

Diane Kruger gave us a perfect example about how to deal with your bad hair perfectly with this cool updo hairstyle. It looks so stunning with her impeccable facial features. All those natural flyways in the air made this hairstyle look more beautiful.

Twisted Knots
Twisted Knots/Getty Images

Here, we’d like to show you a special funky updo with Tina Fey’s brunette hair. You can copy this hairstyle by pulling back all your hair and pinning them properly. Compared with the classy French twist and bun hairstyle, this updo will give a strong edgy-chic look for the wearers.

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