10 Great Hairstyles Can Be Done in 5 Minutes

For busy ladies, do you want to find a hairstyle that can be done in 5 minutes in the morning, which will also keep you looking great for the whole day? Today, I’ll share with you 10 great ideas and I bet they will do you a great favor in your daily life!

These hairstyles will be very helpful for medium to long hair girls, like the low knot, over-the-shoulder pony and asymmetrical twist, etc. They are not difficult to make at all as long as you follow our step-by-step tutorials. Most of these hairstyles look pretty and sweet. They can show girls more lovely. While to young ladies, they will make you look more lovely and graceful with their adorable shapes and styles.

Two-Minute Tuck
Two-Minute Tuck via


The Over-The-Shoulder Pony
The Over-The-Shoulder Pony via


The Low Knot
The Low Knot via


The Knotted Pony
The Knotted Pony via


The Illusional Crazy Long Ponytail
The Illusional Crazy Long Ponytail via


The Half Up, Half Down Twist
The Half Up, Half Down Twist via


The Easiest, Prettiest Pompadour
The Easiest, Prettiest Pompadour via


The Brisk Braid Wrap
The Brisk Braid Wrap via


The Asymmetrical Twist
The Asymmetrical Twist via


Fake Bangs Top Knot
Fake Bangs Top Knot via


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