10 Pixie Hairstyles You Won’t Miss for 2024

Though it’s getting colder, pixie hairstyles never go out of the seasons. The hair looks are adored by women all the year around. Women who wear the pixie look cool as well as modern.

Actually, the pixie hairstyles can give women a fresh and pretty look. They need little maintenance and they are easy to style. If you wear a pixie, you can style it in 5 ways below.

First, you can style your pixie in a messy way. When you cut your hair short, you can leave your bangs long and tease them a bit. Then you can put the bangs aside in order to make a boyish and chic look.

Messy Pixie
Messy Pixie via

Second, you can style your pixie in a sleek way. This hairstyle can fit women who have long face and fine hair.

Sleek Pixie
Sleek Pixie via

Third, you can style your pixie in a cute way. Celebrity Carey Mulligan rocks her cute pixie successfully. She makes her hair messy but sassy with the stylish bangs.

Cute Pixie
Cute Pixie via

Fourth, you can style your pixie in a super short way. Never be afraid of going too short for your pixie. The pixie can be cut in layers to show a sharp finish.

Super Short Pixie
Super Short Pixie via

Fifth, you can style your pixie in a curly way. This hair look can fit the heart shape faces. If you are heart face and love pixie, why not get inspired from the hairstyle below?

Curly Pixie
Curly Pixie via

More pixie hairstyles can be found in the following post.

Blonde Pixie with Long Bangs
Blonde Pixie with Long Bangs
Messy Blonde Pixie
Messy Blonde Pixie via
Thin Pixie
Thin Pixie via
Sliver Pixie
Sliver Pixie via
Angular Pixie
Angular Pixie via

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