11 Pretty Double Dutch Diagonal Braided Designs for Girls

Double diagonal braids can be worn by girls from 5 to 25 as the braids are funny and pretty. The hairstyle is made by double braids or several braids which are fasten as a ponytail or twisted as a bun. It is the best design for the highlighted hair and it can accentuate the beautiful color of hair. If you have colored hair, why not try on the double diagonal braided hair. Here are some pretty double braided hairstyles for you to choose. Check them out now and try them out for a new season look.

Double Braids
Double Braids via
A Diagonal Braid
A Diagonal Braid via
Braided Bun
Braided Bun via
Braided Ponytail
Braided Ponytail via

Diagonal Double Braid Updo

Stylish Braided Bun
Stylish Braided Bun via
Braided Hairstyle
Braided Hairstyle via
Diagonal Braided Bun
Diagonal Braided Bun via
Two-tone Diagonal Braided Hair
Two-tone Diagonal Braided Hair via
Ponytail via
Romantic Hairstyle
Romantic Hairstyle via

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