12 Colored Hairstyles for the Week

Do you think that your hair color is so common that you can’t catch the eyes? If you say yes, you can check today’s post out and begin to think about changing your hair color. To glam a new pretty look, you can begin with the hair color first.

The blue hair and the purple hair can give a cool vibe while the red hair and the orange hair give a warm vibe. Before you ask your stylist to dye your hair, you can consider what length of hair you want to have. We suggest that you apply the cool color to the short hair in order to keep the hair edgy on you. When you have long hairstyle, you can choose whatever you want because you rock the colored long hair easily.

Now, browse through the post right away and make a outstanding hair look. Of course, if you don’t want to have the locks all dyed, you can have highlights in any color.

Red Hair
Red Hair via
Pink Curls
Pink Curls via
Ombre Pink Hair
Ombre Pink Hair via
Two-toned Hair
Two-toned Hair via
Teal and Purple Hair
Teal and Purple Hair via
Purple Hair
Purple Hair via
Long Blue Hair
Long Blue Hair via
Green Hair
Green Hair via
Blue Highlights
Blue Highlights via
Blue and Green Hair
Blue and Green Hair via
Blue and Blonde Hair
Blue and Blonde Hair via
Red Hair Bun
Red Hair Bun via
Crown Braided Bun
Crown Braided Bun via
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