12 Pollock Nail Designs You Must Have

Though drip paintings are abstract, they create a particular art. They are used to make the nail arts called Pollock nail arts. Pollock nail arts are stylish and innovative. The nails arts can be created with deep color as well as light color.

Last week, I have tried on the metallic Pollock nail art. My friends said the art is amazing and they want to try them out as well. This week, inspired from the Pollock nail designs, I am going to make another Pollock nails in different colors.

If you don’t have your nails polished yet, you can check the post out and have a pretty Pollack nail art in no time. Enjoy!

Metallic Pollock Nails
Metallic Pollock Nails via
Black and Pink Nails
Black and Pink Nails via
Stylish Nails
Stylish Nails via
Colorful Nails
Colorful Nails via
Pretty Nails
Pretty Nails via
Sassy Nails
Sassy Nails via
Creative Nails
Creative Nails via
Paint Nails
Paint Nails via
Purple Nails
Purple Nails via
Vintage Nails
Vintage Nails via
Blue Nails
Blue Nails
Light Colored Nails
Light Colored Nails via
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