13 Pretty Nail Ideas for the Week

How long haven’t you had a new manicure? Why not change a new look for the nails in this week? Today, we’ve picked up some pretty nail ideas for you to get inspired. Many a nail design will be introduced in the post. You can just find what you want and get your hands busy.

These nail arts are pretty as well as chic. They are floral nails, studded nails or other themed nails. It’s easy for both skillful hands and beginners. Trust us! You will be satisfied when you have one of the designs below.

Have fun with the post and have a pretty, new look for the nails!

Blue Nails
Blue Nails via
Crystal Nails
Crystal Nails via
Ocean Blue Nails
Ocean Blue Nails via
Pretty Nails
Pretty Nails via
Sweet Nails
Sweet Nails via
Studded Nails
Studded Nails via
Lace Nails
Lace Nails via
Beaded Nails
Beaded Nails via
Floral Nails
Floral Nails via
Blue Sky Nails
Blue Sky Nails via
Black and White Nails
Black and White Nails via
Colored Nails
Colored Nails via
Beautiful Nails
Beautiful Nails via
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