14 Awesome Bob Haircuts for Women

I believe the classic bob haircut would always being an ideal option for girls who want to get a trendy look. It is a smart hairstyle with a simple round cut. Besides, the bob haircut also allows different face shaped girls to wear them with its versatile shapes and styles. Besides, you can also dab yourself a stylish fringe to get a more fabulous look. Today, let’s take a look at 14 awesome bob haircuts for women with our great photos below!

You can keep your bob haircut in the sleek straight style or make it with soft waves and curls. Before you get yourself a stylish bob hairstyle, you should also put your face shape into your consideration. The round layers can help to frame your delicate face and create a fuller look, while a stylish fringe will be able to create another dimension for your hair look. Besides, the short layers and an uneven cut fringe will add a strong modern-chic sense to your final style.

Medium Bob Haircut
Medium Bob Haircut Pinterest


Ombre Wavy Bob Haircut
Ombre Wavy Bob Haircut Pinterest


Short Bob Haircut
Short Bob Haircut Pinterest


Medium Bob Haircut
Medium Bob Haircut Pinterest


Wavy Bob Haircut
Wavy Bob Haircut Pinterest


Long Blond Bob Haircut
Long Blond Bob Haircut Pinterest


Stunning Long Bob Haircut
Stunning Long Bob Haircut Pinterest


Layered Blond Bob Haircut
Layered Blond Bob Haircut Pinterest


Stacked Bob Haircut
Stacked Bob Haircut Pinterest


Layered Angled Bob Haircut
Layered Angled Bob Haircut Pinterest


Graduated Bob Haircut
Graduated Bob Haircut Pinterest


Choppy Bob Haircut
Choppy Bob Haircut Pinterest


Blunt Bob Haircut for Brunette Hair
Blunt Bob Haircut for Brunette Hair Pinterest


A-line Bob Haircut
A-line Bob Haircut Pinterest


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