14 Super Easy Hairstyles for Your Everyday Look

For all busy ladies, this post is specially written for you with 14 simple hairstyles for your everyday look for this new season. You’ll find them so easy to make that the average women with no skills can also make gorgeous hairstyles at home by themselves just following our step-by-step tutorials.

Have you ever been impressed by a ladder braided bun? It is so elegant and cute for girls with its exquisite structure. Actually, it can be made with just a few steps. Just make a waterfall braid at the back of your nape and twist it into around your head. The final look is mixed with a little Boho feel to some extent.

If you don’t want to cut your long hair but want to get a bob look this summer, we’ll show you how to make a faux bob here. Section your hair first and wrap the long hair behind short layers. It will give an illusion that you are having a short bob hairstyle now. Check out more super easy hairstyles right here!

Vintage Curly Hairstyle
Vintage Curly Hairstyle via


Twisty Bun Hairstyle
Twisty Bun Hairstyle via


Punky Pony
Punky Pony via


Ponytail With Bandana
Ponytail With Bandana via


Messy Fishtail Updo
Messy Fishtail Updo via


Messy Fishtail Braid
Messy Fishtail Braid via


Messy Bun
Messy Bun via


Glamorous Hair Bun
Glamorous Hair Bun via


Fishtail Braided Bun
Fishtail Braided Bun via


Faux Bob
Faux Bob via


Curved Lace Braid
Curved Lace Braid via


Braided Bun Hair
Braided Bun Hair via


Braided and Twisted Bun Hairstyle
Braided and Twisted Bun Hairstyle via


1960s Ponytail
1960s Ponytail via


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