14 Wedding Nail Ideas to Try

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Girls may dream of her big day. They may consider every details of their wedding party, of course, including the nail arts. So what nail design will you paint for that day? If you still have no idea, you can follow today’s post 14 Wedding Nail Ideas to Try.

Actually, it is not difficult for you to make a wedding nail art. Wedding nail designs are usually painted in white or pink color. Sometimes they may combine these two colors together because of white and pink can pair the wedding dress easily and bring a romantic vibe. Besides the wedding, wedding-inspired nail designs can be worn for many outfits and occasions as well.

Check the wedding nails out now and choose one of the designs to try out. We are sure that you will be satisfied with this pretty nail art.

Funny Wedding Nails

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Wedding Nails

Wedding Nails via

Polka Dot Nails

Polka Dot Nails via

Simple Nails

Simple Nails via

Lace and Rose Nail Art

Lace and Rose Nail Art via

Pretty Nail Art

Pretty Nail Art via

Stylish Wedding Nails

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Glitter Nails

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Flower Nails

Flower Nails via

Pretty Nails

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White Nails

White Nails via

Embellished Nails

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Studded Nails

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Ombre Nails

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