14 Wonderful Hairstyles With Tutorials for Long Hair

For girls with gorgeous long hair, today we’ll provide you with 14 fabulous hairstyle ideas and you will look way too glamorous in this new season!

I believe every girls loves long hair. It looks really great for any occasion. You’ll find out many perfect hairstyles for long hair here. Whether it is twisted into an adorable bun or pulled back into a simple ponytail, the long hairstyles will always make you look fabulous with any outfit and style. Besides, the refreshing fishtail braids are also a good option for elegant ladies.

Sometimes, you should also admit that the long hair itself looks amazing too. S you can style it into extra-large waves or amorous curls for a charming retro-glamour look.

Twisted Bun Hairstyle
Twisted Bun Hairstyle via


Super Sexy Bun Tutorial
Super Sexy Bun Tutorial via


Prom Party Hairstyle
Prom Party Hairstyle via


Party Pony
Party Pony via


Not Your Average Bun
Not Your Average Bun via


Messy French Twist Tutorial
Messy French Twist Tutorial via


Make A Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair
Make A Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair via


Knot Pony
Knot Pony via


Half Up Braided Hairstyle
Half Up Braided Hairstyle via


Half Up Bouffant Hairstyle
Half Up Bouffant Hairstyle via


Fishtail Bun Hair Tutorial
Fishtail Bun Hair Tutorial via


Fishtail Braid Ponytail
Fishtail Braid Ponytail via


DIY- Ponytail twist
DIY- Ponytail twist via


3 different Hair Twist ideas
3 different Hair Twist ideas via


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