15 Floral Combo Ideas You Can Try This Spring

Last time, prettydesigns collected some floral nails for you to have spring manicure. Today, we are going to show you something floral as well. Yeah! We continue to introduce a trend for every girl by some stylish combos. The outfit ideas are perfect for the warm days. As it is getting warmer, it is time for you to consider the warm season wardrobe.

In the post, we will tell you how the bloggers glam a great floral look to meet the spirit of spring. They use bright colors or different styles to make a pretty and fresh finish. Let’s check the post out first and learn some pairing tips.

Browse through the outfits and get inspired.

Blue Floral Dress

It is pretty to wear a cool tone dress in late spring. You can pair it with a brown bag and a pair of cage shoes. Don’t forget to wear a warm color makeup to soften the look.

Blue Floral Dress via

Bright Floral Dress

Besides the cool tone dresses, you can pull out a bright colored dress to pair your red lips. When it is still cold outside, you can also pair it with a staple, a denim jacket.

Bright Floral Dress via

Collar Dress

You want to wear an easy look? Just wear a collar dress and step on a pair of nude heels.

Collar Dress via

Stylish Dress

It is perfect for girls to have such a dress to show up for the events.

Stylish Dress via

Yellow Floral Dress

When the sun shines in this season, why not go with a bright dress and step on a pair of heels to enjoy the warm days.

Yellow Floral Dress via

Lace Collar Dress

Though it is a black dress, the floral patterns make the combo vivid by the colors.

Lace Collar Dress via

Floral Dress and Pink Bag

Try to pair your elegant dress with a pink bag. It is cute as well as pretty.

Floral Dress and Pink Bag via

Off-shoulder Floral Romper

Feel easy with a jumper and enjoy the warm spring.

Off-shoulder Floral Romper via

Nude Romper and Cardigan

How to wear a soft outfit? Wear a nude floral romper and a beige cardigan to make an easy look.

Nude Romper and Cardigan via

Off-shoulder Top and White Pants

You have a pair of white jeans, but you don’t know how to pair it? You can just wear a floral top and make a vivid look.

Off-shoulder Top and White Pants via

Light Colored Top and Black Pants

If your workplace allows a casual look, you can wear a floral top to spice up the spring work outfit.

Light Colored Top and Black Pants via

Floral Top and Cardigan

It is bright and pretty for girl to glam the combo.

Floral Top and Cardigan via

Floral Top for School

What is the simplest way to pair your floral tops? Wearing a jeans is one of the ways to make a pretty spring look.

Floral Top for School via

Shirt and Floral Skirt

It is not too casual nor too formal to wear a shirt, a floral skirt and a pair of bright shoes. The combo is right for the season.

Shirt and Floral Skirt via

Black Top and Floral Pants

How to spice up your work outfit? A pair of floral pants would be your best choice.

Black Top and Floral Pants via
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