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16 Elegant Formal Hairstyles

Have you ever experienced a busy morning with bad hair? Don’t worry. We’d like to recommend you several ways to solve the situation. Try to pull back your soft tresses back and make a stylish loose French twist. It won’t take you too much time yet still create a perfect hair look for any occasion. Besides, there’re still plenty of easy and chic hairstyles in this post to give you a totally new look in 2015.

Top Knot
Top Knot/Getty Images

The top knot can make a clean and neat style for young ladies. Jennifer Morrison paired it with a lovely baby-pink jacket for an interesting and playful look.

Teased on Top
Teased on Top/Getty Images

Olivia Wilde gave this half-up hair a vintage styled look with tons of glamour. She created a voluminous shape around the crown by teasing her soft tresses back.

Straight and Center-Parted
Straight and Center-Parted/Getty Images

Jessica Alba wore this sleek straight hairstyle beautifully and you can also get this look by flat ironing your long hair.

Sleek Low Ponytail
Sleek Low Ponytail/Getty Images

I bet there’ll be no other hairstyles can look more elegant than a sleek low ponytail. When you style it at the back of your nape, it will add a strong grown-up sense into your final style.

Sleek and Side Parted
Sleek and Side Parted/Getty Images

Nicole Richie gave the basic bob cut a quite sleek look by straightening her soft, medium tresses.

Side Braid with Bobby Pins
Side Braid with Bobby Pins/Getty Images

Braids are always a best choice to deal with the long hair for young teenage girls. You can make a pretty side braid with colorful bobby pins for a busy morning like Emmy Rossum’s.

Messy Bun
Messy Bun/Getty Images

A messy-chic low bun will be able to give a strong feminine and mature definition to your final style.

Loose French Twist
Loose French Twist/Getty Images

If you want to make a difference to your dull hair look, it will be a great idea to dab yourself with stylish bangs. Their versatile styles can make you look very pretty and cute.

Loose and Wavy
Loose and Wavy/Getty Images

Elizabeth Olsen looked so pretty and lovely with her long, soft tresses. She styled them in extra-large waves to compliment her beautiful print dress.

High Ponytail
High Ponytail/Getty Images

Thandie Newton showed so vibrant and youthful in this sleek high ponytail. This hairstyle can also provide you a good chance to show off your smooth forehead and delicate features.

Half-Up Knot
Half-Up Knot/Getty Images

Julianne Hough paired her pretty shift dress with a messy styled half-up knot. She pulled back the top sections back while leaving the long side bangs free to frame her fresh face.

Half-Up Hair
Half-Up Hair/Getty Images

Rooney Mara added a stylish center part into her medium hair for a cool and edgy-chic style.

Deep Side Part
Deep Side Part/Getty Images


Long, loose waves can create a glamorous old-Hollywood style for any woman along with the deep side part.

Braided Updo
Braided Updo/Getty Images

Amber Heard made her long hair into a loose braid and twisted it into a flower shape at the back of her nape.

Bangs Pinned Back
Bangs Pinned Back/Getty Images

If you want to keep your long side bangs out of face, bobby pins will do you a great favor. You can also use them to decorate your simple ponytail like Karolina Kurkova.
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