16 Butterfly Nail Designs for the Season

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You may have seen a black butterfly or a white butterfly. Have you seen a golden butterfly? It’s all about a butterfly nail art. In the world of butterfly nail arts, butterflies can be colored in any hue you want. Don’t worry that the butterflies on nails are not real, but just use your imagination to create an ultra-pretty nail art. You can make different wing shapes from the butterflies and add various colors to the wings.

It’s spring now. Nothing is better than having your nails polished in a colorful and stylish way. Use the pretty nail art to meet the beauty of spring. Never give up chasing the beautiful things, especially the latest nail art. Here are 16 butterfly nail designs for you to choose. Spice up your nails right away.

Flower and Butterfly Nails

Flower and Butterfly Nails via

Butterfly and Animal Print

Butterfly and Animal Print via

Stylish Butterfly Nails

Stylish Butterfly Nails via

Metallic Blue Nails

Metallic Blue Nails via

Blue Wings

Blue Wings via

White Nails with Blue Butterfly

White Nails with Blue Butterfly via

Purple Butterfly Nails

Purple Butterfly Nails via

Purple Ombre Nails

Purple Ombre Nails via

Golden Butterfly Nails

Golden Butterfly Nails via

Green Butterfly Nails

Green Butterfly Nails via

Colorful Butterfly Nails

Colorful Butterfly Nails via

Pink Butterfly Nails

Pink Butterfly Nails via

Black and White Nails

Black and White Nails via

Glitter Nails

Glitter Nails via

Nails with Butterfly and Dots

Nails with Butterfly and Dots via

Rainbow Butterflies

Rainbow Butterflies via