17 Sexy Red Nail Designs for the Season

I remember that I have my nails polished in red color for the first manicure. Now red nails are still trendy and combined with other elements. What’s more, red nails can give women a sexy look. They can be printed to pair a black evening dress or a wine red evening dress. There are some red nail designs for you to choose in the post. Check them out and bring your sexy red nails back now.

Red Nails with Flowers
Red Nails with Flowers via
Glitter Red Nails
Glitter Red Nails via
Red and Gold Nails
Red and Gold Nails via
Red Zebra Nails
Red Zebra Nails via
Red and Black Nails
Red and Black Nails via
Red and Pink Nails
Red and Pink Nails via
Glitter Nails
Glitter Nails via
Deep Red Nails
Deep Red Nails via
Red Nails with Black Zebra Print
Red Nails with Black Zebra Print via
Red Nail Art
Red Nail Art via
Chevron Nails
Chevron Nails via
Red Nails with Glitter
Red Nails with Glitter via
Tri-colored Nails
Tri-colored Nails via
Pretty Nails
Pretty Nails via
Kiss Nails
Kiss Nails via
Radiant Nails
Radiant Nails via
Simple Red Nails
Simple Red Nails via
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