20 Shiny Metallic Nail Designs for Girls to Shine

Metallic colors are trendy all the time because of its gradient beauty. If you want to be a party queen, you won’t miss the metallic elements. You can just pair your dress with an amazing metallic necklace and  the metallic high heels, but don’t forget to complete the look with a metallic nail art.

The metallic colored nails do help you shine everywhere. Here we pick up 20 top metallic nail designs for you to choose. They are shiny and pretty. No matter what color they are, they are sparkling perfectly. Check them out and let your nails shine brightly right away.

Black and Sliver Nails
Black and Sliver Nails via
Metallic Nails
Metallic Nails via
Marble Nails
Marble Nails via
Holographic Nail Art
Holographic Nail Art via
Golden Nails
Golden Nails via
Metallic Polish
Metallic Polish via
Stylish Nails
Stylish Nails via
Purple Metallic Nails
Purple Metallic Nails via
Beautiful Nails
Beautiful Nails via
Blue Metallic Nails
Blue Metallic Nails via
Sliver Nails
Sliver Nails via
Pale Blue Nails
Pale Blue Nails via
Sassy Nails
Sassy Nails via
Pretty Nails
Pretty Nails via
Glitter Nails
Glitter Nails via
Pointy Nails with Glitter
Pointy Nails with Glitter via
Star Nails
Star Nails via
Black Nails with Glitter
Black Nails with Glitter via
Shiny Nailss
Shiny Nails via
Zabra Nails
Zabra Nails via
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