20 Ingenious Nail Art Designs

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More and more girls are being addictive with the pretty nail art designs now. They would like to spend much time and money on their nails just like clothes and shoes before. As well all know, the professionals can help us to get the best manicure ever. But we can also make them by ourselves at home with some instructions. It won’t be very difficult for most girls. Today, follow us with 20 ingenious nail art designs to get your next manicure inspiration!

You’ll get many fantastic designs with our photos below. Their tutorials will teach you how to make them with just a few steps. I bet you’ll enjoy the whole DIY process and the outcome will make you way too satisfied. For girls who like the simple style, you can go for the classic French manicure. Their mixture of color blocks is really cute and interesting when compared with other styles.

Amazing Animal Print

Amazing Animal Print via


Animal Print Design

Animal Print Design via


Black and White Stripes

Black and White Stripes via


Bluish Your Nails

Bluish Your Nails via


Colorful Squares

Colorful Squares via


Crystals and Sparkles

Crystals and Sparkles via


Dots and Zircons

Dots and Zircons via


Fantastic Colorful Idea

Fantastic Colorful Idea via


Gorgeous Design

Gorgeous Design via


Gorgeous Design Just for You

Gorgeous Design Just for You via


Kisses for You

Kisses for You via


Magical Mix of Colors

Magical Mix of Colors via


Mat Black and Gray Combination

Mat Black and Gray Combination via


Ombre Nail Art Design

Ombre Nail Art Design via


Put Flowers on Your Nails

Put Flowers on Your Nails via


Simple and Beautiful

Simple and Beautiful via


Snake Print Nail Art

Snake Print Nail Art via


The Cards are Open Idea

The Cards are Open Idea via


Zebra Style Manicure

Zebra Style Manicure via


Pinkish and Cute

Pinkish and Cute via