26 Awesome French Manicure Designs

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I bet the most classic nail design in the world should be the elegant white-tipped French manicure. They look ultra-chic for their simple yet fantastic style. You can also find out some French manicure designed with other colors like pink, blue, black and gold. Anyway, all of them will be able to give your nails a beautiful look. Today, let’s take a look at 22 awesome French manicure designs!

The famous French nail design earned its reputation among women for its stand-out white tip over your finger. I always think the French manicure would look best for clear nails. You can add some glittering silver dust, beads, jewels or decorative bows over your fingernails to compliment the white color. It will also be a great idea to have delicate flowers, swirls or other patterns for your French nails look too. At last, the hottest ombre technique will be able to create a magic look for your new nail design.

Vintage Chevron French Manicure Design

Vintage Chevron French Manicure Design Pinterest

French Manicure Designs Ideas 2018

22 Awesome French Manicure Designs


Classic French Manicure Design22 Awesome French Manicure Designs

22 Awesome French Manicure Designs

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