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Top 5 Methods of Hair Removal for Men

Men have the same needs as women when it comes to hair removal, in some cases even more so for grooming and professional appearances. The industry provides several techniques from futuristic lasers, to basic methods tracing their roots back to the Egyptians and beyond.


Electrolysis is the method of hair removal that yields permanent results. Once you have undergone electrolysis you will never have to worry about that unsightly hair again.

The way it works? The treatment requires several visits; this number varies from individual to individual. Treatment sessions can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. The procedure is performed by the insertion of a probe directly into the hair follicle, essentially destroying the growth center. The procedure produces slight discomfort and occasionally a topical anesthetic will be utilized.


Laser hair removal is just what it says. In laser hair removal, the concentrated light of the laser destroys the hair follicle from within as the “wand” is passed over the skin. As with electrolysis, laser hair removal requires several visits that last from 15 minutes to an hour, and like electrolysis, may cause discomfort.

Both methods utilize heat to destroy the hair follicle, but the laser method uses light heat while electrolysis utilizes the probe to introduce the heat into the follicle. Laser hair removal also yields permanent results.


Waxing is a method that, while long lasting, is not a permanent solution to hair removal, and can be quite painful. Two methods of waxing are strip waxing and hard waxing.
In strip waxing a thin layer of wax is applied to the area of hair removal and a thin layer of cloth is pressed onto the wax. This strip of cloth and wax is essentially ripped away opposite of growth direction and pulls the hair out by the roots.

With hard waxing, wax only is used and a much thicker layer is applied and then pulled off with the same ripping motion. Waxing is much more economical than electrolysis or laser hair removal.

Creams and depilatories

Creams and depilatory hair removal is much less painful than the above and still provides a longer lasting hair removal than does simple shaving. Most often these are simply applied to the area of desire and allowed to do its work for a few minutes. The chemical process essentially burns the hair off and then the creams is scraped or wiped away and then the area washed and dried. This is a painless method of hair removal, although some people with sensitive skin may become irritated by the chemicals, not to mention the odor is often unpleasant. This is, however, a very cost effective method of removing unsightly or unwanted hair.


Shaving is the most common and most cost effective methods of hair removal, although, it is also necessary to perform this as often as daily in some cases such as men’s facial hair.

Using a high quality multi-bladed razor often yields better results than cheap single blade razors. Often shaving will leave unsightly bumps and stubble and can cause severe skin irritation in some cases. Shaving is, of course, done by both men and women, as are the above mentioned in the newest techniques enjoyed by box sexes.

Whichever method of hair removal you choose- if you choose the medical procedures of electrolysis or laser hair removal, or even waxing- be sure to use a qualified technician for the best results and for your own safety.

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