Birthday Themed Nail Arts

When is your birthday? What are you going to paint for your nails for your birthday party? If you want to have a cute as well as pretty nail art for your birthday party or others’ birthday parties, you can take a look at the post. The post will give you many a birthday themed nail design.

Cakes are the must-have stuff for a birthday party, so they can become themes of the nail art. Of course, other decorations of the birthday party can also be the themes of your birthday nail art. You can paint the balloons, the kitties or something interesting to the birthday nails. All these themes can make people happy and give you a funny vibe.

Actually, you can make birthday themed nail art for your daily life. Get your hands busy and make a funny birthday nail art for your next event.

Cupcake Nails
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Birthday Nails
Birthday Nails via
Cute Nails
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21st Birthday Nails
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18th Birthday Nails
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Lovely Nails
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Funny Nails
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Pretty Birthday Nails
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Stylish Cupcake Nails
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Sassy Nails
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Mismatched Nails
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