How to Carry Your Handbags for Spring

With the development of women’s fashion, handbags have become must-have stuffs for every woman. Handbags are made from different materials and different styles. They are collected and adored by women because women always need them to complete their looks and carry the things they need. It’s true that every woman have at least two handbags. Whether it’s a big handbag or a small handbag, it will be used for a right occasion by women. In fact, handbags are not only carried to pair the dress but also to help women have their things put in a secure place. Thus handbags are pretty as well as versatile. Simply, the bags can be divided into two categories, big handbags and small handbags.

Big Handbags
Big Handbags can always bring an ultra-casual look for women, so they can be taken with you when you are on holidays. However, some of the big handbags are formal. They can fit office lady looks.
Small Handbags
How cute the small handbags are! Though the bags are small, they bring life to women’s looks. Because of the vivid shape and the color of the small handbags, small bags spice up the dress well and show a vital vibe for women.
Here are some spring styles with handbags. Maybe you can get inspiration to pair your spring dress with your bags. Check them out and style your own spring look with your favorite bags.

Zebra Handbags
Zebra Handbags via
Pale Grey Handbags
Pale Grey Handbags via
Black Handbags
Black Handbags via
Casual and Chic Bags
Casual and Chic Bags via
Casual Bags
Casual Bags via
Big Handbags
Big Handbags via
Bucket Bags
Bucket Bags via
Bags for Spring
Bags for Spring via
White Bags
White Bags via
Sliver and Small Handbag
Sliver and Small Handbag via
Brown Bags
Brown Bags via
Cute Bags
Cute Bags via
H&M Bags
H&M Bags via
Purple and Small Bags
Purple and Small Bags via
Sliver Purse
Sliver Purse via
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