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Useful Tips for Coloring Your Hair at Home

Hey, fashionistas! Do you like trying different hair colors? Do you want to dye your hair at home? In this post we are going to teach you how to make it. If you master the skills of dyeing hair at home, then you will save a lot of money paid for the hair dressers and you will look the same professionally fantastic.

Before you start to dye your hair, you should first know four things that are quite important.

NO. 1 You need a good friend as your assistant so that the dying process can go on successfully.
NO. 2 You should find a suitable color for yourself. To be good for your hair, you should not choose a color that are too different from your hair color, neither too dark nor too light.
NO. 3 Before applying the dyeing cream, read the guide on the box carefully.
NO.4 If you have dyed for several times, then you just need to dye your hair roots.

Well, after knowing some basic things before the task, then you should prepare some tools for the dyeing project. The tools you need include a paint brush, a bowl, a rat-tail comb, alcohol based facial toner and a timer. You also should prepare two dark towels and some clips.

With all the preparations get ready and your desired hair color chosen, you can start the dyeing session. There are tutorials pictures below. Just follow it. If you don’t know what color to try, here are also some good hair color suggestions below. You can take a look at the pictures. Enjoy!

How to Dye Hair at Home

How to Dye Hair at Home Part One
How to Dye Hair at Home Part One via
How to Dye Hair at Home Part Two
How to Dye Hair at Home Part Two via


Find the Desired Hair Color for You

Find the Desired Hair Color
Find the Desired Hair Color via
Hair Color Suggestions
Hair Color Suggestions via
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