Hair to Try: Twisted Ponytails

Have you ever thought that wearing a simple ponytail is not outstanding? You want to make some tricks to your ponytail hair look but you have no idea? Today’s post can help you out. It will show you some stylish and sassy twisted ponytail designs as well as some useful tutorials for twisted ponytails. You don’t worry about the dull ponytails anymore. You will be satisfied after you glam a ponytail design from today’s post.

Twisted ponytails are well known for their twists of course. How to make a twist and what twisted styles you want become a tackle before you play magic to your hair. To make a perfect look, you can make braids, multiple twists or knots to spice up the ponytail. All these tricks require time and skills, but they become pretty after you take your patience. Here are some twisted ponytail designs for every girl to try on. Enjoy!

Funny Ponytail
Funny Ponytail via
Braided Twist
Braided Twist via
Twisted Side Ponytail
Twisted Side Ponytail via
Braided Ponytail
Braided Ponytail via
Hair Twist
Hair Twist via
Simple Twisted Ponytail
Simple Twisted Ponytail via
Hair Knot and Twist
Hair Knot and Twist via
Twisted Ponytail for Blonde Hair
Twisted Ponytail for Blonde Hair via

Now if you are interested in styling a twisted ponytail, you can continue to take a look at the twisted ponytail tutorials below. They will tell you how to style a twisted ponytail and they will make you amazing with a ponytail hairstyle. It’s not hard for you to learn the hairstyle because the step-by-step tutorials are definitely easy for both skillful hands and beginners.

Twisted Ponytail

Twisted Ponytail
Twisted Ponytail via

Easy Twisted Ponytail

Easy Twisted Ponytail
Easy Twisted Ponytail via

Side Twist

Side Twist
Side Twist via

Ponytail Twist

Ponytail Twist
Ponytail Twist via

Twisted Ponytail with a Knot

Twisted Ponytail with a Knot
Twisted Ponytail with a Knot via
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