How to Style Long Hair for Prom

There are numerous styles which can be done for long hair when it comes to the prom. In fact, because of all the available options, it can be quite difficult to decide which one to pick. Are you facing a big dilemma when it comes to styling your long hair for the prom?

Long Prom Hairstyles Gallery
Long Prom Hairstyles Gallery

Before you become all too stressed out just thinking about the right way to do your hair, there is one important question that you need to answer. Should you go for the updo or should you let your hair down? Once you have decided about the answer to that question, it would be easier to solve your hairstyle problem.

When should you go for an updo and when should you decide to let your tresses flow?

Classic Updo

Updos can range from the simple tousled pulled-up style to the formal chignon. The techniques of doing it may differ and adding accents can vary a lot too but the basic principle is that most of the hair have to be gathered together and neatly tucked.

Classic updo is always perfect for formal events, just like the prom. Aside from the elegance that this hairstyle exudes, it is also quite a practical choice. The bun stays in place for long hours and you would not have to worry about fixing it again in the middle of partying.

Putting your hair up will also depend on the entirety of the look that you want to achieve for the prom night. If you are wearing a dress with much adornment like rhinestones, ruffles and other elements that would keep the eyes busy, opting for the updo is a good choice. It gives balance to your look. This also works for classic cuts of dresses like the traditional pencil-cut long gown. It helps you achieve the timeless elegance of a woman.

If you also want to highlight your face and neck, putting your hair up is the best thing to do. This avoids the eyes from getting distracted with your hair so the tendency is to focus on your face.

Letting Your Hair Down

It is true that letting your locks move naturally gives a graceful and soft look. Keep in mind that when you let your hair down, this will also serve as an additional adornment to your overall get up. So, do not hesitate to play with your strands by having them curled or straightened using a hair iron. You can actually do a partial updo by clipping the sides of your hair but letting the rest fall gracefully.

This type of hairdo works for simpler dresses which does not have too much going on. If you are opting for the basic dress cut like the princess, a-line or a fitted one, letting your hair add more style is a good choice.

To avoid the need to do retouches during the night, blow drying, using curlers or hair iron will do the trick. Use hair products which will also preserve the style of your hair.

It is okay to do your hairstyle on your own when preparing for the prom. However, if you want a complex updo or a hairstyle which will remain for long hours, dropping by the salon can save you from a whole lot of trouble.

Well, here is a gallery of the latest most popular long hairstyles for prom, enjoy.

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